GTA 5 Smuggler's Run: Motor Wars / Aircraft Business Guide

Smuggler's Run, the latest DLC for GTA 5 Online introduces new hangars and airplanes, with them you can actively make money and optimize your business. The following tips should be considered:

- The VIP costs have decreased. Instead of a million, you now only need $50,000 to register as a VIP for four hours and get access to VIP missions.

- If you have both warehouse for good and store for vehicles, you can earn more money over time if you use them together instead of individually.

In Smuggler's Run, you transport your air freight and collect goods to sell in a swing. In contrast to the special freight, you can select and sell certain types of smuggling products, depending on the smuggling material the degree of difficulty changes.

Hangars have a capacity of 50 units, whereby you can mix and stack one or more types of goods. A hangar is absolutely necessary for the shops in Smuggler's run. In the hangars, you must also observe the following:

- In total there are five hangars that you can buy. Three of them are located in Fort Zancudo and are priced between 2.1 and 3.3 million dollars. The other two are at the Los Santos Airport and cost 1.2 or 1.5 million dollars. All addons together cost you another 2 million dollars extra.

- There are no differences between the hangars. The price depends on the location and the possibilities for expansion.

- The hangar business does not passively pass off and is therefore comparable to CEO's warehouses.

- Similar to Gunrunning, you can earn discounts on the new vehicles in the game when you complete missions.

GTA 5, Smuggler's Run, Motor Wars, Aircraft Business Guide
- The hangars are mandatory when you buy the new planes in the game, as they can only be placed there.

Tips For Advanced Business

To maximize your profit in Smuggler's Run, follow these tips:

- You must always land your planes and stop them in the hangar, as this is not done automatically on landing. However, if you only want to deliver cargo in the hangar, you can simply drop it over the hangar.

- You can also individualize your planes and helicopters. Provided you have purchased the appropriate extension of your hangar that allows you to remodel.

- You should buy at least one hangar in Fort Zancudo. This has the practical side effect that you will no longer receive a search level when you are flying over the military area. In addition, you will not get any stars when you steal one of the military vehicles.

- If you don’t want to use the vehicle assigned to you to deliver cargo, you can destroy it and carry the freight with your desired vehicle.

Tips for starting in "Motor Wars"

Also in Motor Wars you jump like at PUBG at the beginning with a parachute from the helicopter and land in the combat zone. The area doesn’t include the entire map of the game, which would be too big. Instead, you land in a designated area and should go directly to the search for weapons and equipment in your environment. In contrast to PUBG, the search is made easier because both equipment and opponents are always marked on the minimap.

GTA 5, Smuggler's Run, Aircraft Hanger, Store Planes,Store Helicopters

By the way, you cannot play alone in Motor Wars, but only in the team, with a maximum of 28 players participating in a match. Also note the following tips:

- At the top of the screen you'll see a white circle that fills up slowly. If this is full, the combat area shrinks. So always look back on the map and move on to the inside. If you stay out of combat for too long, a countdown begins. If this has expired, your character will explode.

- Games in MotorWars are much more action-packed than in PUBG. On the one hand the combat areas are smaller and a match takes a maximum of ten minutes. On the other hand, you can see all the enemies, cars and weapons on the map at any time. Campen does not really bring the success here.

- As an individual fighter, you won't have a chance in motor wars. So always look for your team members first and move into groups. A team can have a maximum of seven players.

- As the title suggests, there are a lot of vehicles in the mode that are up and equipped with guns, as in the movie Mad Max. So use the armed cars and occupy the guns with other players. This is the key to success.

- Just take a look at the map and take a look at the densely populated areas, where there are many vehicles. You can recognize the car icons, which cars are especially powerful. If players from your team or other teams get into their vehicles, they will have the color of their team. So you can easily identify them.

GTA 5, Smuggler's Run, Aircraft Hanger
Tips for advanced engine warriors

If you have already completed a few laps in motor wars and know how the bunny is running, perhaps the following tips will help you to perfect your game.

- You should try to jump and land with the parachute as quickly as possible. Because this way you can logically start looking for equipment and vehicles. Open the parachute as late as possible!

- The vehicles have different weapons holders where you can place your own weapons. So look into your weapon brackets and see what you can possibly use.

- In vehicles with a gun, you should always get at least two. Otherwise, the gun will be left unused because you have to drive.

- If you don’t have it with the vehicles and you prefer to walk, always go directly to the weapon symbols on the map. Only here you will find weapons that will help you fight other vehicles.

- Even if you do not want to play with other players from your team, you should always look for their proximity, as this will increase your chances of survival enormously.