Monster Hunter Stories: Finding Eggs and Boss Battle Tips

We highly recommended that you play the demo version of Monster Hunter Stories before you venture to the complete game. This will reward you with a rider’s outfit for Navirou in the main game and also if have played MH generation, then you’ll be able to unlock rare item and an outfit for Navirou.

In the early stage of the game you’ll be asked to look for little pigs. If you find them, then you will be rewarded with special items. Here, you have to search for special monster buildings. Those who are hidden in the walls are normal, but there are even bigger ones like golden hills. Here you will find stronger monster eggs and the opponents are also stronger, so remember the locations and return, you shouldn’t be able to survive these fights.

If you then collect the eggs, pay attention to what Navirou says. You can orient yourself about his statements approximately. At least you will learn when you hold a special egg in your hand.

Most of the experience points, numerous items and money are obtained through the completion of side quests. Always take the side quests from the quest board or from the villagers.

You will get the best weapons if you can upgrade your findings with the Master Blacksmith. Before you buy a weapon again, check whether you can upgrade it. Over time, the requirements for the materials are rising, which is why you have to farm a lot.

It is always worth exploring as many new monsters as possible. They all have different abilities that will help you in fighting, but also in exploring the world. And each type of weapon also has a special ability. You can perform combo attacks. You have to keep a certain sequence in the attacks. The following list show you them:

Great Sword:

- Speed - Speed - Power
- Power - Technique - Speed
- Technique - Technique - Speed

Sword and Shield:

- Speed - Technique - Power
- Speed - Speed - Speed
- Speed - Power - Technique


- Power - Speed - Technique
- Power - Power - Power
- Power - Technique - Speed

Hunting Horn:

- Power + Power
- Technique + Speed + Power

Note that the sequence depends on the melodies. You can check this in the Rider menu during the battle.

Combats not only bring experience points, but also ingredients for potions and upgrading weapons and armor. If you want to fight your monster in the wild, try always to trickle them from behind to start a surprise attack. This gives you the opportunity to land a few punches without the monster being able to escape. This is especially useful when you want to fight your stronger monster. But be careful, because if you let them attack you from behind, they have the same advantage.

If you're in the fight, you should always try to go. So your attacks and your defense are stronger. If the bond grows to your monster, you can also perform a special attack. When Level 3 is reached, the special attack will be strongest. If you have already lost twice in the confrontation after the scoring, then set the special move without waiting for the third stage. On the next lost turn, you are thrown down and have lost your special ability.

Always try to force a double attack if you can win the turn. If you manage to get three of them, you hit your opponent and drop an item . In addition, you increase your commitment. However, keep in mind that you can be torn down in the fight against several enemies.

Tips for fighting more powerful opponents and bosses

If a monster is attacked with two different attacks, then you need to consider which of these attacks you can take on your own.

For example, the monster uses power and technique. This means that you will be vulnerable if you choose speed, as the monster wins the train with technique. If you always choose power, you will always win if you attack a technique. If your opponent uses power, you will get better with a draw than if you lose. If you rather risk something and change your attacks, then observe the behavior of your opponent. Most of the time he has the same attacks.

In Boss battles, you should first attack the body parts before killing the big monster. It prevents certain attacks on your part and makes the fight easier for you. The loot is also getting better.