In Elex, you won’t find Teleporters at the beginning. You need to obtain the skill Adventurer to see all the Teleporters and their locations on the map. With this skill you can travel quickly from one place to another. But if you want to use them, you must first unlock the Teleporters.

If you don’t want to wait until you acquire adventurer skill, then you check out our four maps below where all the teleporters and their locations are listed in the four areas, Edan, Abessa, Tavar and Ignadon. It’s always better to use this fast travel system, as you can finish your missions quickly.

The following maps show all known teleporters in Elex. Now you have only the task to unblock them.

All Teleporter Locations / Map in Edan

- Converter in Edan
- Small Camp
- Great Lift
- Valley of the Damned
- Abandoned cliffs
- Company Premises: West Edan
- River Delta
- Hotel Ruins Goliet
- Blacksmith
- Goliet
- Tarn
- Berserkers Island

All Teleporter Locations / Map in Abessa

- Company Premises: North Abessa
- Dam
- converter in North Abessa
- Converter in south Abessa
- Camp in the center
- Domed city
- Small Farm
- Company Premises: Central Abessa

Elex, All Teleporter Locations,  Map, Abessa;

All Teleporter Locations / Map in Tavar

- Tavar Mountains
- Sandy Pines
- Converter in Tavar
- Ruins of the Dome
- Fort
- Duke's Bunker
- Old Windfarm
- Southern Cliffs
- Old Factory

Elex, All Teleporter Locations, Map, Tavar

All Teleporter Locations / Map in Ignadon

- Converter in Ignadon
- Hangar
- Hort
- Cathedral
- Company Premises: Volcano
- Crater
- Castle Ruins of West Ignadon
- Lava Lake

Elex, All Teleporter Locations, Map, Ignadon

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