Super Mario Run: Unlock Daisy / Collect Rainbow Medals

New update for Super Mario Run is now available on both Android and iOS. To use all the features in the update you need to have purchased the new update from the online store (Google Play). The game is free to download, but only the first 10 levels of the normal mode are available to play.

To access Daisy, you need to open the new mode called Remix 10. You can find it in the game's initial menu, in the yellow pipe or through the main map in the pipe of the same color. Just tap to enter this mode to get started.

How the Remix 10 Mode Works

The Remix 10 is a fast mode of Super Mario Run, where you need to collect rainbow colored medals over sets of 10 courses in each world. These courses are not lengthy and each one last for less than a minute. In addition, they are continuous, finished one and started another.

Super Mario Run, Remix 10 Mode, New Update, Screen Shot

Collect Rainbow Colored Medals / Coins

You’ll find these coins in various locations of Remix 10, they need to be collected accurately. If Mario or another character dies during the process, don’t worry. The Game will not end here; you will only be transported to the next level until you complete 10. At the end, the sum of the Rainbow Colored Medals will be displayed.

 Super Mario Run, Remix 10 Mode, Cleared Course 10, Screen Image

Unlock Unique / Special Items or Princess Daisy

There are two ways to unlock Princess Daisy: on the basis of luck or reaching the area / world 30 - 30 with 10 levels each - to unlock her at the end. After clear of each world, the rainbow colored medals will fill the colored box in the lower right corner of the screen. Here, you’ll enter a special phase, where you can unlock unique items for your area / world - one of these items may be Princess Daisy who becomes a playable character.

If you're not lucky enough to get Princess along the way, you'll have to go to the end of the paths to be able to unlock the character and add her to your hero cast of the Super Mario saga on the selection screen. It is up to the player to decide which path to take. Remember that each 10 courses set requires a rally ticket, so you need to have at least 60 of them available.

Super Mario Run, Unlock Princess Daisy, Mario with Daisy

Play Your Own Songs 

This is another new feature that came with the new update, and when enabled, allows Mario, Yoshi, Toad and other characters run with a decorative headset, play your own favorite songs while playing,  replacing the game's standard songs.

New World: World Star

The World Star is yet another new feature to the Super Mario Run. It is available on the level selection screen, from the green pipe, and can only be accessed by those who finished the main story and also finished the Remix 10. The World Star gives unique benefits such as items or more rally tickets to play the other modes.

Super Mario Run, World Star, Unlocked Screen

It is also possible to complete challenges in the World Star, such as acquiring necessary requirements for each level. "Complete the task without killing any Goomba" is one such requirement. They are varied and depend on the chosen level.