Total War Warhammer 2: Rituals Strategy Guide

In Total War Warhammer 2 (TWWH II), during the campaign you will encounter rituals and you have to complete five of them before your opponents do it. Every completed Ritual brings you one step closer to taking control of the Great Vortex. But every ritual also has its cost.

A ritual ceremony costs you certain amount of currency and in TWWH II, everyone has a ritual currency in addition to gold.

Lizardmen - Ancient Tablets
Skaven - Warpstone
High Elves - Way Fragments
Dark Elves - Scrolls of Hekarti

How to Earn Ritual Currency

You will get these currencies automatically as your cities produce a little of them or you can earn them by doing missions and treasure hunting. In addition, you will find certain cities or ruins on the maps, which regularly provide you with ritual resources after you conquer them.

If you have collected enough ritual currencies for a ritual, then you can unlock this ceremony at the top of the bar. Now, you have a lot of work ahead of you.

Total War Warhammer, TWWH2, Rituals Strategy Guide; Dark Elves, Third Ritual

- Your capital and 3 of your cities are automatically connected to the flow of electricity.
- You must defend these cities ten rounds.
- You have to deal with chaos and mercenary forces of the opposing factions.
- Don’t quit if you lose a city in the meantime. It is only after the end of time that the ritual has failed, you have not all the cities in your power.
- If you have defended against the hordes and the time is around, the ritual is considered to have existed.
- Note that the fifth ritual lasts 20 laps.

During the ritual, you benefit from specific advantages as well as an increased recruitment rate and a better public order. After the ritual, logically your reputation increases with your own faction, while the other people will take offense.

Start a ritual at the beginning of your round! The Chaos forces appear at random places on the map and can only move at the end of the round so you can still react.

Keep Your Opponents Away from Rituals

- If you are not ready yet but your opponent is already at the next ritual? Then there are some tips and strategies to keep your opponent away from rituals.

- Recruit mercenary units and send them to the respective ritual places to deal with the opponent. Click on the ritual symbol at the top of the bar. You have higher success chances with more expensive unit. You have the choice of 2,000, 5,000, or 10,000 gold- paid mercenaries.

- If you don’t want to rely on the mercenaries and rather do the work yourself, there is no other option but to weaken your opponent in a fight. In the best case, he can no longer colonize the ritual site and must conquer it again before he can perform a ritual.

- Even if the mercenaries are not successful, they will give you time to fight with your own troops.

- A special feature of the Skaven is to be considered as opponent: If you send a mercenary unit to attack a Skaven ruin, you cannot do this before you have the ruin itself, and therefore surely know that Skaven are present.

Basically you don’t have to make a time limit. Just take care that you have a strong army ready and hold back the enemy even in the last ritual. Due to the extended number of rounds in the last step, you also have better chances to make him fail.