Unlock New Game Plus / Classic Mode: Evil Within 2 Guide

Early in The Evil Within 2, you have the option to choose one of the three difficulty levels “Casual, Survival or Nightmare”. After completing the game once in the difficulty level, you’ll be able to move to the New Game Plus feature and then unlock the Classic Mode.

How the Three Difficulty Levels - Casual, Survival and Nightmare Work in TEW 2?

Casual: This is the easy difficulty in the game and intended for player who just want to enjoy the story. You will find more items and fewer enemies with able to get more hits before you die. In the Casual difficulty, you don’t have to spend long with inventory management. As long as you have a bottle in the inventory, the bottle breaker ability is unlocked at any time, you have the ability to free yourself from the enemy grip.

Survival: This is the normal difficulty in the game and is intended for regular players who have not necessarily played any survival horror titles. Here you have to pay more attention to your resources as there are more enemies in the game than you have ammo for them. So play carefully and upgrade Sebastian and his equipment regularly. The Aim Assist can also be activated / unlock on this Survival difficulty level.

Nightmare: This is the hard difficulty mode and is available from the beginning. According to the creators, the difficulty lies between the survival and nightmare mode of the previous game (AKUMU mode). There is no Aim Assist in the Nightmare and you have few resources plus you have to find materials to craft ammunition and equipment / gear / weapons. You find generally few items, but more opponents, which also more endure. So use all of the game mechanics to survive this difficulty.

What you’ll get in the New Game Plus?

Evil Within 2, New Game Plus, Unlockables, Weapon

In the New Game + you can unlock new outfits and equipment / gear for your protagonist Sebastian. What you’ll get in the New Game plus depends on the difficulty level you’ve chosen. So you can unlock new weapons, the Magnum you get in any case, but for the Brass Knuckles you have to play the game on Nightmare difficulty.

What you’ll get in the Classic Game mode - Classic vs. Nightmare

The classic mode is the ultimate challenge in the game. You can unlock this after completing the game once, it is identical to the nightmare mode. However, there are differences:

- Automatic saves are disabled. If you die, you will be returned to the title screen.
- You have only seven manual saves are available throughout the game. So you have to set up a plan and only save it when it's really necessary.
- You cannot upgrade your weapons and the abilities of Sebastian, you’ll get only what you find in the game world.