Battle Royale Starting Point, High Rank, Epic Victory Tips

In addition to selecting the right and best weapons, there are a few tips and strategies that will help you a higher rank or even the epic victory in Fortnite Battle Royale (FBR).

First pick your landing point carefully, for example: don’t jump into the biggest building full of loot. The odds are good to go very fast here, so you seep into the lower ranks. Instead, try to land at the Anarchy Acres, as you will not only find the best loot here, but also have a secure position if you can arrive early and set up a small camp.

Another best starting point in FBR would be the Loot Lake. In the house in the middle of the lake and in the boat you will find gold chests that equip you immediately. The disadvantage of this is that in the water, you are slow and when you try to get back to the mainland, you may be spotted by your opponents. So pay attention to where your competitors land!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Landing / Starting Point

Anarchy Acres:

- Look for loot, especially in the large barns. Since these have several levels, builds stairs to get to the better hidden property.

- In the open field, you are visible and quickly run into the face of an enemy, so be careful!

- Also search the haystacks, or look behind them, because objects often spawn here as well.

- The silos not only provide you with resources, but also often have a chest inside.

Dusty Depot:

- Watch out of the three warehouses. Due to a high loot occurrence, there are certainly many opponents approaching.

- Especially, you will get plenty of metal resource here.

- Instead of looking directly in the department stores, go to the southeast to a fenced area, because here is also a lot.

Battle Royale, Starting Point, High Rank, Epic Victory Tips

Fatal Fields:

- Again, you will find many barns, with a lot of loot.

- And just like on the Anarchy Acres, there are large areas where you are vulnerable.
- Since there are many cars here, you have many resources for metal.

- But rather than directly land at the barns, land a bit off the hills so as not to end up as cannon fodder right away.

Flush Factory:

- The largest building also spawns lots of loot. But others also know that, so be careful.

- Many jump off so that they arrive at the big department store. So, avoid this area at the beginning.

- If you land here, you can at least hide well behind many containers and trucks.

- If ever, land at the southwest corner of the building with a garage door that is half open. Behind it hides good loot.

Battle Royale, Landing Point Map, Starting Point, High Rank, Epic Victory Tips

Greasy Grove:

- Due to the many buildings, you will not get in the way of looting that often.

- Nevertheless, more players are landing, so you have to expect a lot of competition.

- But there are also many places in the fast food buildings with good loot.

Lonely Lodge:

- The area is often neglected at the jump, but has much to offer.

- In the big tower, which can be found in the center of this region, you will find mostly good loot in the upstairs and have a lookout point immediately.

- Especially ammo can be found here, so look for the green chests.

- In the Trailer Park you will also find resources and chests.

Loot Lake:

- Both in the house and in the boat, there are gold chests, so it is best to land at the loot lake.

- Remember, that you are slower in the water and become an easy target for snipers in the area.

- Look in the house for chests on the second floor, on the roof or in the cave under the building.

Moisty Mire:

- In the northwest you will find a prison with lots of loot.

- In addition, you can fill your wood inventory through the many trees.

- Since few choose the swamp area as a starting point, you can relax and look for gold and valuable loot.

Pleasant Park:

- The small buildings in this area are quickly scouted and always provide an arsenal of chests and ammunition.

- If you want to land here, look for the gas station in the east. From the roof you have a good overview and inside there is certainly Loot.

Retail Row:

- The familiar dilemma: Many buildings with lots of loot, but also many players.

- If you need metal, you will find many cars here that you can disassemble.

- Look for objects in the supermarket in the northeast, but look for cover on the way there, because snipers like to go there.

Salty Springs:

- Here you will also find many buildings that are quickly searched - similar to the area Greasy Grove.

- Here, you’ll find many opponents so don’t stay too long

Tomato Town:

- Move quickly to the restaurant and search for items.

- Also, you never run out of metal here, because you’ll find many cars.

- In the gas station you can also look for chests and ammunition.

Wailing Woods:

- Northwest of the forest is located in perfect landing site, because here is usually little going on and in the few buildings, there are both sufficient resources and loot.

- Once you reach the bunker in the middle of the labyrinth and in the middle of the forest, you have a good hiding place and you can easily defend yourself.

- So here you can get your hands on yourself towards the end of the game, if you've set yourself up well before.

- In the west you can find a few buildings and collect resources before it goes into the endgame.

More tips

Hiding is not everything. Of course, it increases your chances as you sprint from bush to bush to get across the map unnoticed until the enemies have decimated. And in the beginning this is certainly a good tactic, but that's not really fun either. You don’t play hide-and-seek, just a battle, so you should use other tips if you want to stay alive for a long time:

* Use the storm to run along its boundary. So you reduce the chances that someone will hit you in the back. But watch out for latecomers who have sprung from the storm.

* Another way to get away unseen is as a sniper to build a base from which to act.

* Engrave yourself in front of buildings with lots of loot and open the hunt, to those who think they can easily serve. But be warned about those same attacks when you go loot hunting.

* Use the bushes to attend a battle unseen and then surprise the survivors with an attack from the shadows. That's not the fairest method, admittedly, but it's effective.

- Stay in motion - that does not just mean that you often change places. Jumping around a bit randomly is okay if you are in combat, as this will make it harder for your opponent to meet you. The precision of the weapons is not the ultimate high, so you have a good chance of escaping a deadly ball in the hectic back and forth.

- Boost your shield - If you find a blue Shield potion, you are well advised to drink it immediately. Overall, you can drink two of these potions during a match and although your shield will not protect you from falling or storm damage, such a bonus can be helpful - especially as the effect of the potion has no time limit in a match.

- Take your time - FBR is all about survival, and you're well advised not to jump into the battle immediately. Take time to prepare, leave the big initial killing to others. In addition, you should always retreat, if the situation allows.

- Build at the right time! In the middle of a battle, it does not do much to build walls around you, as it costs a lot of time. Besides, if you're building, you're obvious loot for Sniper. Nevertheless, there are moments when it is essential to build protective walls. For example, if you put on a bandage. Put a wall in front of you and crouch behind to protect your wounds for three seconds. Or use the walls to lure an entrenched opponent with grenades from the reserve while you are safely crouching behind the bricks.

- Many players also don’t know that they can build stairs, doors and windows . But the building functions can sometimes save you, if you know how. For example, if you pull up a sniper tower, don’t build windows! Instead, put on doors on each side. You can close them when an enemy approaches with grenades. Your windows, on the other hand, are a weak spot that makes you vulnerable.

- You should not play Battle Royale without sound, because enemies often announce themselves in their vicinity, without them wanting. For example, you make a lot of noise when you disassemble objects to get building materials. Running instead of sneaking is treacherously loud. So sharpen your ears and reduce your own volume. In contrast, however, you also hear when gold chests are nearby. The best thing is to play the battle with headphones, because with those you are a lot noisy and thus at an advantage.

- Seek out higher positions - Not only you have a good overview of your opponents, even in combat it is much easier to take the opponent in the crosshair and to track their movements.

- You can also use the noise to your advantage. A battle is always loud and certainly attracts other players. Have you defeated an opponent, so you can set a nice trap: Don’t collect the loot and instead wait for strippers who want to grab the glittering stuff. If you have a sniper rifle? Perfect. They will not know what to expect. Of course, you can also collect real traps. Save it for the endgame.

- You should make sure that you are immediately in the safe zone, or at least not too far from it. If you are not in the sanctuary and the storm breaks over you, you continue to suffer harm until you are either safe or dead. If you just run away from the storm, you should not be involved in protracted battles. The chance is great that the storm will catch you.