Rules of Survival Hints and Strategies for Getting Started

Rules of Survival is a free to play mobile video game for Android and iOS devices. In this guide, we’ll give you some useful tips, hints and strategies for getting started in Rules of Survival. We'll help you with the control settings, tasks and guide on how to explore the map properly.

Before you start the game you should change the default Sensitivity settings, they are set to high. Change the Character Vertical Sensitivity and the Character Horizontal Sensitivity according to your preference. For the other sensitivity settings you can use the default settings

Apart from the game settings, you should also keep your mobile device screen clean. Give it a good wipe down. The clear view is very important, as it is the only way you can detect the distant enemies.

In Rules of Survival, you can pick one of the three modes: Classic, Advanced and Touch Screen.

- Classic: Moves with left and aim as well as shoot with right.

- Advanced: Like the Classic Mode, except that a button for shooting is also available on the left side of the screen.

- Touch Screen: Tap or press hold on the screen to shoot.

In general, you should try all methods once and then decide on a control method. For us the advanced mode worked best.

Parachute Jump and Landing Locations Tips

Each round begins with you in the plane and you have to open the map and place a marker at the point where you want to land. Now position the camera so that you can see the side of the plane. Wait until the marker passes exactly parallel to the top of your compass and then jumps off.

Rules of Survival, Parachute Jump, Landing Locations

Aim for the lading place and then steer left to increase the fall speed. Depending on how far you are from your landing location, you want to slow down the pace to cover longer distances.

Choose Your Weapon - Tips

Once you land, you need to get you weapon quickly and kill your opponents. It is recommended to pick assault rifles, as they will save you in most situations. The game gives you the choice between AKM, AR15 and M4A1. If you have the luxury of choice, always pick the AR15, as it is the best weapon in the game, in our opinion.

Reason for this is the different recoil behavior of the assault rifles:

- AR15: When shooting, the gun only covers vertically and you don’t have to counteract it.

- M4A1: This weapon covers both vertically and horizontally and is therefore only recommended as an alternative.

- AKM: The least recommended, because the AKM covers even more than the M4A1.

The compass (at the top of the screen) is very important in the game as you’ll be able to see the movements of other players nearby with an orange footstep icon! This is very handy tool.

By moving the eye icon on the screen, you can also look back and thus spot enemies early. Also use the compass to get accurate directions based on the numbers. Of course, this is especially important in team play with others.

More Survival Tips

- The loot window doesn’t close when you move a bit. Take advantage of this and always move slightly left and right when looting enemies. So you're not a static target for other players.

- In firefights, you should always move zigzag and sometimes jump to make your movements as unpredictable as possible. Also remember never to escape in a straight line!

- As you play in the third person view, you should always stop at corners and entrances and look around the corner and into the interior of a building thanks to the camera perspective to check the situation.

- Always get out of vehicles only when they have come to a complete stop. Otherwise you will always suffer damage!

- Always try to stay ahead of other players. Obtain elevated positions and always stay near buildings, trees, bushes, or rocks for quick cover.