Fishing in MH World: Baits and Locations Guide

In this guide, we’ll show you why fishing is so important and where you can catch fish in Monster Hunter World.

To catch a fish in MHW, you have to select the fishing rod in the selection bar at the bottom right. In the water you have to go deep enough to allow fish to swim there, and use Quad (PS4) or X (Xbox One) to equip the fishing rod. Now you must pay attention to the vertical beam above the water. It shows you where the bait would land if you throw it. Take a look in the water, because you can see the fish and decide in advance, which of them you want to catch and thus, where the bait should land.

- Once you have decided press R2 / RT to throw the bait.

- The fish are quickly interested and will pluck at the bait.

- As soon as the controller vibrates continuously, you must catch the fish with circle / B.

However, you cannot catch large or big fish in this way. If you go fishing in the sea and throw the bait a bit further, even big fish can bite. To catch them, you have to do something different. You have to throw the bait and watch the fish. If it bites, then it will either speed very fast from left to right and then all you have to do is press Circle / B to catch. But if the fish starts to swim from left to right then you have to angle the fishing rod in the opposite direction. Otherwise the big fish will escape.

Rewards and Benefits

Fishing may seem useless at the beginning of the game but that's not true! The further you get, the bigger monsters become your opponents and at the latest, you will visit the canteen regularly. There you get various dishes that provide you with temporary buffs on health, stamina, defense, attack, etc. But there are not the only reason you should catch fish. For example, they also drop crafting materials or prove themselves as a resource to make something.

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If you visit the resource center regularly, you will notice that fish are often the subject of deliveries. If you catch and deliver them, you will be well rewarded. Have you ever been to the Botanical Research Center? Here you can grow plants, insects and other objects. Of course you need fertilizer for that and the better this one is, the better results you will get. Fertilizer can be made from fish - you see what that amounts to?

Soon after you can enter the wilderness, you will meet a fisherman who will provide you with fishing quests. He wanders and is always found in another place. When you open the map, you'll see exclamation points now and then. Seek them out, because that's where the fisherman or another interesting quest could hide. If you catch the fish he asked you to go to the resource center. This way, the canteen receives new ingredients for its dishes.

How Do You Get Bait?

In MHW you'll find bait bugs that you can use to fish. You use this when you want to catch fish that are difficult to fish with simple baits. In the ancient forest you can easily find some. Simply search between areas 9 and 10. When you are ready, you can also breed the beetles in the Botanical Research Center. You will need about two quests to succeed. After that you will receive four bait bugs.

Where Can You Find The Fish That You Need?

Below you will find a table with all the fish that we have been able to catch so far. We want to gradually complete it and go regularly on ongoing fishing expeditions to gather more locations.

Sushi Fish: With this fish you’ll get three rations and two herbal medicines. For that you will be especially grateful if you fight against poison monsters. You can also find the sushi fish almost everywhere.

Golden Fish: The Golden Fish drops a scale that you can sell for 1,000 Zenny. If you need a lot of money, you can use this option. You will not find this fish until you are well advanced in the main story. When you are in the coral highlands. To the east of the northern camp you will find a cave with a pond (area number 14) and golden fish in it.