Get True, Good or Secret Ending: Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC) is a free to play video game from the developer Team Salvato. The game is a bit tricky but won’t take too long to complete and it is worth to see all the endings.

Requirements for the True, Good, Secret or Best Ending Ending

After you’ve completed the DDLC and saw the credits and then read the goodbye letter from a character then you know that you have got the normal ending of the game. But if you have seen the developer’s message instead of the goodbye letter then it means that you’ve got the second ending of the game.

What is important for the second ending is all cut scenes (CGs) . You must have seen this before the credits appear. So you have to work "save" and the "reload game". In total there are 10 CGs in the game: 3 CGs with Sayori, 3 CGs with Natsuki, 3 CGs with Yuri and one CG with Monika.

How to Get the True, Good or Best Ending

The second ending is often referred to as True, Good or Best ending. If you try to start the game again, you will end up with Monika repeatedly. To get around that, you have to go to the DDLC Steam folder (right click on DDLC in the library, click on "Properties", click on "Local Files", click on "Browse Local Files"). Look for the folder "game" and the file "firstrun" contained in it. Delete this file and you can start a new round.

True, Good, Secret Ending, Doki Doki Literature Club
Optional Settings: Go to the settings and change them so that you can skip unseen dialogues. You don’t have to do that, but since you already played the game earlier, you may not want to see the dialogue again.

We have played the first round with Yuri and helped Sayori prepare for the festival, so we've already seen Yuri's CGs. The game saves that, so we just needed to see the others at the second. Note the following guide for the second choice to see the second end (regardless of who you chose on the first choice) :

- Restart the game and play it until you arrive at the beginning of the first poem. Here you have to save the progress.

- Now you make sure that you write all the poems only for Natsuki. Then choose her to help you with the festival.

- As soon as Natsuki leaves the house, you load the save before the first poem.

- From now on, you are dedicated to Sayori and write for her.

- Ask Yuri to help you prepare for the festival.
 You already see two of Yuris CGs and so you can theoretically ignore the following steps.

- Once Yuri leaves the house, you reload the save before the first poem.

- From now on, you are exclusively dedicated to Yuri and write for her.

- Who you help with the preparations for the festival, you can now decide freely.

- In the last step, Sayori tells her that you love her.

- Continue playing until you see the CG with Monika. Then go to the DDLC folder "characters" and delete here Monika. Then restart the game...