Zeni: Guide to Make Money in Dragon Ball FighterZ

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, the currency been in use within the game called Zeni. You need this virtual currency for all sorts of actions in the game. With them you can buy extras, new Z capsules and unlock popular fighters that you sometimes lack. Even for a few trophies, the Zeni are important.

At the beginning of the game you’ll be rewarded quite a lot with Zeni for various activities. For example, you should complete all the quests in the lobby, as they will give you quick Zeni rewards. However, these are unique rewards and otherwise you will only get Zeni after fighting.

In order to get the maximum yield of Zeni in fights, you should pay attention to the following things:

- At the beginning you have to complete the story mode on "Normal" and then again on the level "Hard".

- To increase your Zeni gain, you can use up to three times the skill "Victory Zeni Up LV. Equip 6 ". You can earn this ability during the third story strand "Cyborg Story".

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- Optimally, you level three characters to at least level 90.

If you meet these challenges, you can now earn more than 5,000 Zeni after fighting. For quick repetition, it is best to select Chapter 7, Map 13 in the third story. Choose your strongest characters and equip the skill for more Zen three times. You also earn 300 extra Zeni if you win the fight on Hard. As opponents you can expect Son-Goku, Yamchu and Piccolo on this map.

To speed things up, you can restart the fight directly after the end of the match (Pause - Restart). Choose your characters and skills again and farmt what you can.