Beat Kushala Daora - Defeat Steel Dragon in MH World

Like most Dragon in Monster Hunter World, you will also find the Kushala Daora, the Dragon of Steal in the Elder's Recess. Not only his steel body cause problems but also he brings desperation to players all over the world because even before you start an attack, the Steal Dragon forms wind storms that makes it very difficult to tackle him. But no worry. There is a way to defeat this monster. It only takes a while...

Here, you are dealing with one of the toughest elder dragons. Therefore, you should well prepare yourself before you go into the battle. The following tips are basically a requirement for any big fight:

- During MHW gameplay, you will receive the quest to hunt down Kushala Daora. However; you should not accept it until you have sufficiently prepared yourself.

- Visit the smithy first and upgrade your armor and weapon as long as you have the resources you need. The weaknesses of Kushala Daora are thunder, poison and explosion, pay attention to your choice.

- Best Weapons to Hunt Down Kushala Daora: Take something with a long range, because the Kushala will be over you very often.

- Continue with your inventory: Take thunder bugs and thunder blitz with you. You will need them.

- Otherwise, of course, the usual items to be increased: potions, mega-potions and a few rations.

- Visit the Canteen and treat yourself to an attack-strengthening meal as it scores less than any other monster and should be worth it.

- Look for Poogie. Yes, it is not confirmed that the pig really brings happiness, but a little superstition won’t hurt.

Once you have prepared for the fight, accept the quest from the Wild Experts or Quest Board, and head to the Elder's Recess. There you follow the tracks and wait until a cut scene.

Kushala Daora, Beat, Defeat, Steel Dragon, Monster Hunter World

Beat / Defeat Kushala Daora

The Kushala Daora will cause a stir - literally! Because with its steel wings it causes powerful assault attacks, which throw you to the ground and also harm you. In addition, it can happen that you remain dazed for a few seconds and he can start the next attack. So remember his attacks and know how to dodge them:

- Most of the dragon's attacks are from the wind, so you'll have to quickly see the signs as you get ready.

- Gladly Kushala plunges down in front of you in the fight with the claws. He rises, aligns himself and bares his chest. If you notice this movement, avoid it as soon as it has straightened up. Then he no longer changes direction and pushes into the void.

- The same applies to his wind wings, with which he wants to lift you off his feet. Dodge early, too, because Kushala Daora's reaction time is not the fastest.

- A particularly nasty attack is his storms, which he can summon on the spot and which remain there for a while. Do not approach them as they will also knock you down.

- Your best weapon for catching him from the air is thunder bugs and thunder blitz. With these weapons you blind the Kushala Daora when he is in the air, so he falls confused to the ground and stays there for a few seconds - perfect for an attack!

- If you run out of thunder bugs, then go for ranged weapons or attack the dragon when it lands between its attacks on the ground.

- Approach it best from the back and attack the tail and forelegs, the head is most sensitive.

- Pull yourself back regularly to whet your sword as it quickly wears away on the steel wings of the Kushala Daora. The sharper your blades, the more damage you are dealing with and that is crucial in the rare hits.

- In the final part of the fight, the dragon pulls back into its nest on the mountain. Climb up as fast as possible and approach the Kushala. If he is asleep, you can place bombs, for example, or at least find the perfect angle of attack before slamming hastily. Poison and Palico gagdets can also be used here.