Elder Seal Benefits in Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World, the Elderseal is an attribute that can emerge when you craft weapons for the High Rank Hunt. Especially weapons of the Dragonbone tree often have this element.

If you use a weapon with an Elder Seal and fight against an Elder Dragon, that can bring you benefits. Elder Dragons can activate special abilities that you can reduce or eliminate altogether with the Elder Seal.

But this is only a temporary seal. Nevertheless, the Elder Dragons can use their abilities as soon as they are available again.

The effectiveness of the Elder Seal depends on the strength of the seal, because there are three levels (Low, Medium and High). If you upgrade your weapon, you can also raise the level of the Elder Seal. Many players have suggested the Elder Seal provides more damage in the battle against Elder Dragons.

Impact on Elder Dragons

If you fight against normal monsters, the Elders Seal will not benefit you. It is only good for the Elder Dragons hunt. In fact, it has the following effects on the particular monsters:

Elder Seal Benefits, Monster Hunter World

- Kirin: Reduces the electrical charge that protects Kirin's skin and ensures that most hits bounce off.

- Teostra: Reduces the Flame and Explosion aura that blocks ranged weapons. Therefore, you can approach the monster without losing health. In addition, Teostra cannot use its supernova.

- Kushala Daora: Reduces the Wind aura, which blocks ranged weapons and hurls hunters back.

- Vaal Hazak: Reduces the amount of Effluvium gas it emits and also reduces the monster's attack power.

- Nergigante: Destroy the spines of the beast that she can no longer fire on you. It also reveals a vulnerability that generates more damage.

- Xeno'jiiva: Prevents the monster from using some of its best attacks.