Fix Download, Install and Not Work Errors: The Sims Mobile

Even mobile games are not free from bugs and technical issues. Especially with the latest mobile video game The Sims Mobile. Many players have reported problems such as crashes, Download and installation errors, server and game won’t run or load issues, purchase items are not properly registered or missing. In this troubleshooting guide, we tell show you how you can fix some of these common problems.

The Sims Mobile Game Does Not Run or Load

If the downloaded app does not start or if an error appears before the download, it could be due to the fact that your phone doesn’t have the necessary hardware or software requirements to run The Sims Mobile. Below you can find the recommended system requirements:


OS version: iOS 9 or higher
Storage space: 106 MB


OS version: Android 4.1 or higher
Storage space: 144 MB
Memory: 3GB RAM

For Android phones, the memory is crucial. Many older smartphones have 2GB of RAM - but that's not enough to run The Sims Mobile. For this reason, the Play Store may say that your device is not compatible.

To be able to play The Sims Mobile smoothly without any errors on your iOS or Android device, the app needs at least 500 MB of storage space. That's because in addition to the space for the app you also need some space to store the data on your phone. So make sure that you have enough space on your phone. A list of compatible smartphones can be found in the EA forum.

You can also try with the following solutions, if The Sims Mobile does not load:

- Check your internet connection.
- Look for updates for your operating system.
- Update the app in your store or see if there are any updates for The Sims Mobile.
- Close apps that you no longer need. They could consume valuable memory.
- In the last step you should reinstall the app or delete the data (Android). To clear the data, tap the settings on your Android phone and search for apps or applications. Search here for The Sims Mobile and select Clear Cache. But first make sure your progress is saved.

Fix Download, Installation Problems, Not Work Errors, The Sims Mobile

If the app has stopped and you can not press anything, only a hard reset will help. For iOS devices, you press the power button and the home button at the same time - until the apple flashes. For Android devices, you need to hold down the power button for more than 10 seconds.

Purchased items are not displayed or missing

If you don’t see your purchased items, then you should restart the game first. Exit the app and reopen it. Android has an application button that lists most applications that are currently open. Close and restart the Sims app. For iOS devices, just double-click the Home button and close the application.

Also remember that some items are placed in the inventory. Click on the Build / Buy icon on the right. Your inventory is the opened box. Click on it and see if you see the purchased items here. If you buy tickets (tokens) instead, you will find them in the menu. Choose the little arrow on the far right. The closed box above the settings represents your other inventory. Tap here on tickets or other tabs to see the items.

Always check your billing when you have purchased items. Did you receive a new e-mail confirming the purchase? If so, you should write to support if the item did not show up in the game within 24 hours. If not, the object was not purchased because the purchase could not be completed. Try again.

Fix your account related issues

If no account is assigned, your progress cannot be saved either. In this case you proceed as follows:

- Choose the arrow in the game that you can see on the right.
- Click here on the gear at the bottom (Settings).
- Decide on a way to connect the game with you.
- For example, you can find the link to the Game Center or Google Play (Android) via the music controls.
- If you have problems with your account, select Disconnect and reconnect.