Prevent Homographic Attack with PhishAI for Chrome

Lock your computer with a strong password is not adequate these days to protect your personal data against theft. Phishing attackers gain access to your personal data by faking legitimate Web sites.

This happens when you enter a fake website that has an address very similar to the legitimate one. The attacker exchanges a letter from the URL with a special character, or similar ones, such as the "m" for "rn." By using the fake website, users fill out forms with personal and bank data for them.

Having Phish.AI extension for Google Chrome browser can prevent you from entering to such malicious websites and provide data for criminals.

This plug-in can be installed for free in the GC browser and identifies malicious links as soon as the user clicks on a URL that contains some Unicode character. To avoid this problem and not have your personal data stolen, here's how to install the Phish.AI extension.

Prevent Phishing, Google Chrome

First, Log into Chrome Web Store and click the Use in Chrome" button.

Then Click "Add to Chrome" to have the tool installed in Chrome Browser.

Now the plug-in is installed and will automatically block sites that contain suspicious characters. If you access any of these malicious links, the following warning will also appear in the window.