Set up Cloudflare DNS on Android, iOS to Accelerate Internet

Cloudflare has released a free DNS that promises to boost your internet speed on mobile devices and maintain user privacy. The company promises to remove all personal data, which is normally collected by similar services, within a day.

The company also promises that the use of their new DNS offers almost double the performance of OpenDNS, Cisco and Public DNS, Google.

What is DNS? - They are responsible for interpreting the address entered in the address bar of the browser (or any app on the phone) and finding the corresponding server. By default, cell phones and PCs are configured with DNS offered by the internet provider company. However, these options are commonly slower than the solutions offered by companies like, Google, Cisco and now by Cloudflare.

For example: changing DNS to Google Public DNS, tends to boost navigation on account of increased agility to find the sites to be visited. However, the internet giant doesn’t undertake to maintain confidentiality about the user data that collected during the process. The Cloudflare DNS rightly defends this flag. According to the company, all user logs are removed every 24 hours and no information will be retained.

Below you’ll find how to set up Cloudflare's DNS on your Android and iOS devices and accelerate your internet connection.

Set up Cloudflare DNS on Android Devices

Step 1. Access the Android phone shortcut key and keep the Wi-Fi icon pressed to access the list of networks.

Step 2. Make sure your phone is connected to a network. Press and hold to open the options menu. Then select "Modify Network" or "Manage Network Settings". On the next screen, tap "Advanced options" or "Show advanced options".

Step 3. In the IP settings, change from "DHCP" (or "Automatic") to "Static". You will see a list of IPs on the screen. In DNS fields, enter the addresses and Then tap "Save".

Step 4. To stop using Cloudflare DNS, re-use automatic network configuration, with DHCP.

Set up Cloudflare DNS on iPhone (iOS) Devices

Step 1. Access the "Settings" of the iPhone and open the Wi-Fi options. Make sure your phone is connected to a wireless network and tap the "i" next to the name.

Step 2. Tap "Configure DNS" and select the "Manual" option.

Step 3. In "Add server", include the addresses and

Step 4. Remove other DNS server addresses added to the connection and save.

To return to the previous setting and cancel Cloudflare's DNS usage, tap "Automatic" again.