Find Secret Rooms and Dungeon Locations, Map: Moonlighter

In Moonlighter, Action RPG from the developer Digital Sun Games, you can find some secret rooms with some valuable items to sell. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find these secret rooms and Dungeons in the game.

When entering a new room, you can find a hole on the floor: if you see a slight flash, it indicates the presence of a secret entrance. So go through this to find a secret room.

There are several types: you can collect various objects on the ground, find a monolith that shows a chest and enemies to destroy in order to open the chest or a book of the keep selling at a very good price.

Find the Dungeon Map

Moonlighter, Eris, Forest Dungeon

The dungeons in Moonlighter are randomly appeared. However, you can unveil the complete map of each dungeon by following the below trick. You have two possibilities for this:

First method: Unlock the wooden hat as soon as possible. Speak with the salesgirl in the southwest of the main square, then buy her potions to get the map of each dungeon.

Here you find Rock Revelation for the Golem Dungeon, Forest Revelation for the Forest Dungeon, Desert Revelation for the Desert Dungeon, and Tech Revelation for the Tech Dungeon.

Second Method: Go through the Golem Keep until you find the Merchant Emblem. Use this item to open a portal to the village. This portal remains active and allows you to return to the dungeon. Returning to the dungeon, you will find that the map of places is completely unveiled.