State of Decay 2: Change Base, Setup New Camps and Outposts

In State of Decay 2 (SoD 2), you can build or relocate your Home Base (RHB) but for that you must find a location. Once you have selected a suitable outpost, you must make sure that you can claim it.

The cost of a camp is about 100 influence points. You can invest your influence points in the following way:

- Use the radio. This costs influence, but reveals the position to your friends and everything is transferred quietly without your support.

- Secure the outpost. You will only be able to claim it if it is deserted. To avoid wasting too much time, use the car horn to attract zombies outside the building.

- Move from the Old Camp. When you move from old home base to a new one all your resources and everything stored (in your vaults, ...) will automatically follow you in your new home. The buildings built and upgraded will be destroyed, and you will recover the cost in resources!

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State of Decay 2, Change Base, Setup New Camps, Outposts

- It is better to change camp regularly, to stay mobile and have a camp close to your new adventures. Changing survivors, getting healed ... all of this will become more complicated if you prefer to develop a single base.

- Only when you have a good level and many fallback options, you will be able to settle in a more permanent way.