Chrome: Recover Lost, Typed Text and Data

Typio, a free add-on for Google Chrome, that saves text and data in the Chrome Browser for a week. This extension helps retrieve / recover lost data and written text in case of crash - Chrome's native function only reopens the tabs, but doesn’t save the contents of the text fields. The information is stored locally on your PC and is not sent to the cloud.

Below we’ll show you how to install and use the main features of the Typio add-on in Chrome.

First, go to the Typio extension download page. Select Use in Chrome and confirm the installation process.

download and install the add-on, the Typio icon will be added to the right of the Chrome address bar. Click on it to enable or disable storing data on the page you are visiting. This is useful to prevent the app from registering your conversation on sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp Web.

Google Chrome, Recover Lost Text, Data

After an accidental closing, locking or crashing, to recover the text of a field right-click on it, then go to Typio Form Recov`ery and select Recover this field.

Now select the text you want to retrieve from the menu. To see all the options, click on Browse all entries

In the left column, select the text you want to retrieve. On the right, you can click Copy to clipboard to copy or Restore just this to restore the text in the field. After a week the history will be removed automatically, but you can delete something immediately in Delete entry.

With these tips and guide, you'll never lose what you typed in Chrome when you accidentally close the browser or crash your PC.