Playground LTM Getting Started Guide: Fortnite

Fortnite has finally released its new mode Playground LTM. The biggest difference from this mode to a normal Fortnite match is that you can have a maximum of four players on a map. You can walk alone or team up with up to three friends in the field.

There are only the team members on the field, but that does not stop you from shooting each other. Friendly Fire is possible and allowed. But who dies, is equal via Respawn back in the game. This makes the mode ideal for testing various weapons, especially sniper rifles.

Note: Who dies in the storm, cannot respawn!

There are plenty of resources available here and all the chests that exist in one place are guaranteed to spawn. There are also 100 Loot Lamas around the map, which will fill you with more resources. If you want to reduce resources regularly, you will get 10 times the amount each time!

All of these resources are there to help you practice building. So the playground is perfect for newcomers or players who are good at shooting but have not had the patience to deal with the tree mode.

Playground LTM, Getting Started Guide, Fortnite

And then there are players who can do it all, but just like to build totally crazy buildings. All these fans should have a lot of fun with the playground and try out unusual creations.

When does the playground end? Since you cannot kill each other permanently, a playground doesn’t end up like a regular round with a winner. Instead, it's over after an hour. Because from the 55th minute the storm begins and continues until it kills all the players. Then the round is over.

Can you complete challenges in the playground? Since the gameplay offers massive resources and gives you unrestricted access to all weapons and locations, it would be ideal to easily solve the weekly challenges. But the developers have thought along and stopped all challenges in the field. So you cannot do any of the challenges here.

How long will the game stay? Epic has actually announced the playground as a limited game mode. Therefore, it will eventually disappear again.