How Skyforge’s new Battle Royale mode works

Skyforge is receiving a new Battle Royale (BR) mode. To play this mode, you just need to enter the new lobby. Besides you don’t need to have a hero in the main game. If you want to start a battle, then you can pick one the 12 characters with fixed skills and equipment.

The game won’t allow a class change. But the heroes have special properties, such as:

- Dolph will not require ammunition and can use any weapon
- Ivy place explosion around a chest, which explode when others try to open the chest
- Kerr's health and damage improve with every enemy killed
- Selena gets a massive bonus on the values as the safe area gets smaller
- Alecto can go unseen and impose additional damage on the first shot
Skyforge’s new BR mode runs like Fortnite or PUBG. However, there is a day-night cycle. When it gets dark, the tactics change as you can plan traps. You also have to use the heroes' skills wisely. Plus, you still have to deal with monsters.

To ensure fast gameplay, the combat system of Skyforge has been slightly adjusted. This is especially true for the movements of handguns and characters. Everything is designed for quick firing, so lots of new weapons and items find their way into the game. These include:

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- Psi grenades
- Spring mines
- An invisibility generator
- A Cloaking module
- A wormhole generator

Armor is hard to find and you need to look for boosters to get you moving fast as there are no vehicles. The items you find have infinite charges, but have a different cool-down. So you have to use it tactically.