Dragon Quest 11 Getting Started, Tips and Strategy guide

Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age is the latest installment of the Dragon Quest series from the video game developer Square Enix.

In Dragon Quest 11, your task is to find out the mystery of your fate with the help of your companion Eric.

Unlock Erik's Half-Inch ability: in the game, you can steal items from your opponents and Erik (your companion is there to help you) who can learn to steal. Once you've earned eight skill points with him through level upgrades, go into Erik's character builder and unlock the "Half-Inch (Guile)" skill.

Then change the tactics so Erik follows your orders. Now in every fight you can try to steal items from enemies with him. Although this works only about every third attempt, but in the long run you collect so many resources and materials for the smart blacksmiths that you can only find in the game world or sometimes get as a prey for fighting.

- Quickly find resources on the map: You've probably noticed the sparkling items in the game world and the game calls these spots “sparkle” and lists them on the map in a submenu. To see it, first open the map (PS4: four-way button), then open the map menu (PS4: X button) and then select the bottom menu item "sparkle".

Here all the radio spots are marked on the map. You can switch through all found and not found items here, whereby you will also be shown the locations of specific items on the map by means of a feather symbol. Sparkling spots that you have not yet found are marked with three question marks.

Since you always find the same items in the sparkle spots, you can use this menu perfectly to farm resources specifically for the Fun-Size Forge.

- Oh-La-La: in every major village of Erdria you can find female NPCs who want to give you a sensual Oh La La. That being said, remains open to speculation. It is worthwhile, however, to respond to the offer of the mostly dressed in bunny costumes girls.

After completing several Oh-La-La sessions in different cities, our charm value increased by 5 points. The higher your charm value, the higher the chance that monsters in the fight will be infatuated with you and thus rendered incapacitated. Take time for an Oh La La between tiring quests.

Dragon Quest 11, Getting Started, Tips, Strategy guide
- Farm metal Slimes: as you progress through the game you’ll encounter metal slimes in normal fights. These silver monsters are true XP bearers and give you about ten times more experience than normal enemies.

The first time they will appear around the camp in the southern outskirts of Gallopolis. It is useful to farm here for a while in order to level properly. Unfortunately, the metal slimes only appear irregularly and tend to escape from the fight. In addition, your attacks often miss out on the metal slimes and they only take one damage on hits. But they also don’t hold much and you can catch them regularly for XP loot.

In later areas you will see them in different variations every now and then and also see liquid metal slime.

- Search the game world for treasures, barrels, jugs and bookshelves: exploring the game world is always worthwhile in Dragon Quest 11. Carefully search every corner of the map and go into any hidden corner. You will almost always find treasure chests or sparkling spots.

In villages you will also find everywhere barrels and jugs with which your hero can interact. He throws them in the air and breaks them, often an item is hidden in the containers.

Furthermore, you’ll find bookshelves everywhere. If you see a red book, you can get background information about the game world. But even better are the instruction books that contain new recipes for weapons and armor. So enter every possible house in the game and look in the rooms for the bookshelves.

- Save your money: Fortunately, as far as the saving system is concerned, Dragon Quest 11 orients itself to modern role-playing games. On the one hand, you can manually save the churches scattered in the game by saying a prayer there. On the other hand, the game also automatically creates scores at key points, so you will not be thrown back too far in a screen shot. Alternatively, at death, you can also choose to be towed to the last important location.

However, there are two things you need to keep in mind , depending on which memory point you choose:

* If you decide to reboot to the place of final prayer or important location, you may retain all the experience points and items you collected until death. Hook on the thing: You lose half of your gold coins.

* On the other hand, if you load the last auto save point, you lose all the items, experience points, and gold coins you've collected since.

So suppose that in one of the first fights you are dying for an automatic save point, it makes more sense to choose it at death. However, the other option only makes sense if you don’t carry so many gold coins with you, so that the loss is not too high.

- The smart blacksmith works according to his own rules: once you get the Smart Blacksmith to make your own weapons and armor, you will be able to use only normal punches. However, this changes quickly. With each level up you get more potential points to use more punches for an object and to make the forging result as perfect as possible.

There are also other skills (special strikes) to better control the power of the blows. Especially handy here is the Heat up forge skills, with which you can increase the forging temperature by 300 degrees. Very practical, because the hotter the forge, the sooner your blacksmiths succeed and you score critical hits. So use this at the beginning of the minigame to keep the temperature high. Nevertheless, the chance factor in forging is always there and you should not be too frustrated if you don’t always get the best quality product of +3.

That's because the perfection beads are there, with which you can still modify weapons and armor on +3. And if you think that you only get the perfection beads through the smithing, you are wrong. You can sometimes find them in treasure chests, on the other you can even buy them as soon as you arrive at L'Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles during the game. There is a pearl boutique here where you can buy unlimited pearls for every 100 gold coins.