Dance Locations and Rewards Fortnite Season 6 Week 4

Week 4 of Season 6 Dance on top of a Clock Tower, Pink Tree and Porcelain Throne: Once again Fortnite Battle Royal bring some cool challenges for fans and one of them requires you to dance on a Clock Tower, Pink Tree and Porcelain Throne.

** Please note that this challenge is available only for battle pass owners.

If you want to collect 5 battle points, then you should complete all three stages of this challenge. First you have to dance on a clock tower. Once you have done that, then go on. Then you should open the challenges again and take the next step.

1- Dance on top of the Clock Tower - Location map

The Clock Tower should be known to any reasonably dedicated Fortnite fan. It is located in Tilted Towers and can be seen from afar. Land on the top and dance like crazy!

Dance on top, Clock Tower, Fortnite, Tilted Towers

2- Dance on top of the Pink Tree

The pink tree is a huge cherry tree. It grows in the middle of Lucky Landing in the very south of the map. Make sure you land there first and perform your dance moves on the treetop.

Lucky Landing, Dance on top, Pink Tree, Fortnite

3- Dance on top of the Porcelain Throne

Porcelain Throne a toilet bowl. Of course you will find it at the toilet factory "Flush Factory". There is a gigantic sculpture of a toilet in the parking lot. Land there and dance.

Flush Factory, Porcelain Throne, Dance on top, Fortnite

For the first task, you only get a Battle Star, and then you get two stars for each of the last two challenges. All in all, you have to play three rounds to get half the level rise.

If there are any players who dismantle the clock tower or other objects, you should still dance on the spot. Often, however, it triggers the completion of this task.