Guide to Change Your PSN ID or Name PS4

For many years, PlayStation users have been waiting for the feature to change their name tag. Changing your name is not a big problem on many services and some take money to change your ID.

Sony has been struggling with this feature for a long time. The company president Shawn Layden has been saying for years that this feature is on their list for future new features. Now this list has finally come true - so at least one function on it.

According to the company blog, the name change trial is just started. The beta is only available to players who also join the PlayStation Preview program. Unfortunately you cannot sign up for it anymore.

All others have to wait until the new PS4 update to be rolled out in 2019.

The name change will take effect in games published after April 1, 2018. But also some other games should be compatible. will then provide a list of all games as soon as the feature is available to all.

PSN ID, Change Guide

- Changing your PSN ID for the first time is still free.

- All other times cost you $9.99 USD .

- If you are a PS Plus member, then you can pay half the price $4.99 USD.

- To change the PSN name, you'll need to go to the settings menu or your profile page later.

- In order to be recognized by your friends, there will be the possibility that the new Online ID will be displayed together with the old one.

- If you decide that you don’t want to display the old ID together with the new name, you cannot undo it.

- But you can always return for free to your old ID, if there is a problem.