Fortnite: Update 7.01 is Out, Patch Note Detail

A new update to Fortnite: Battle Royale has been released. The biggest highlight of this patch (7.01) is the unique weapon Infinity Blade.

The features of the latest patch 7.01 in PvP

Close Encounters: The jetpack mode is back with shotguns and this time the storm is moving faster.

The Infinity Blade has the following feature:

- It can smash buildings with one hit and deals 75 damages to players
- The alternative fire button lets you jump forward. You destroy everything in the way and cause 25 points damage on landing.
- Who picks it up, gets full life and shields on 200 points each.
- Every second you heal one life or shield
- Kills give you back 50 lives
- Your movement speed is 130 %.
- When you pick up the blade, you drop everything else from your inventory.
- If you die, you drop the blade

Fortnite Battle Royal, Update 7.01, Patch Note Detail

There are also other changes come with the new update:

Fortnite: Guide to Play New Creative Mode - Season 7

- There are 4 featured islands that are currently in trend. You can then visit and watch
- You can share codes from your islands so everyone can see them
- There are new prefabricated buildings
- You can set respawn points
- You have even more settings and bugs have been fixed.

The patch highlights of Update 7.01 in PvE

The legendary sniper rifle Ralphie's Revenge is back in the weekly shop. It is a rifle with good accuracy and massive headshot damage.