Open All Tombs Yvenia, Artinia, Cariff and Gawnes: Anthem

Some Anthem players are having difficulty with the legionaries Tomb Quest, where you have to enter Yvenia, Artinia, Cariff and Gawnes tombs for the story.

This particular quest is available from level 3 onward and to unlock these tombs, you have to complete certain tasks first. There are a total of 15 grind tasks that you can do in freeplay. In this guide, we’ll give you step by step guide on how you open all tombs and lock them up.

If you take this mission, you will see the new tasks you need to complete in the Challenges menu and in the Freeplay section.

Yvenia Tomb

This one is located just northwest of Fort Tarsis and is not that difficult to find.

In order to open the Yvenia’s Tomb you have to complete the following tasks:

- Open 15 treasure chests
- Collect 25 materials
- Repair 3 javelin
- Find 10 Collectibles

Enter All Tombs, Yvenia, Artinia, Cariff, Gawnes, Anthem

In Anthem, collectibles are books, documents, characters and other lore items. You can find them by chance in the open world. Apparently, they are mainly to be found around buildings and tents.

How to Find Treasure Chests: Go for a freeplay, especially for Heavy. Then land with at least 3 other players. Treasure chests are scattered all over the map, mostly in canyons or at the bottom of lakes and waterfalls.

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It only counts every chest you found and open. For example, you can find a chest directly if you leave Fort Tarsis. As soon as you spawn, continue straight ahead. Soon you would have to see below a waterfall that flows into a kind of round canyon. At the bottom of the water there you will find a chest.

Artinia Tomb

The Artinia tomb located north of the Yvenia tomb.

You have to complete these tasks to open the Artinia tomb:

- Kill 9 Elite enemies
- Complete 5 world events
- 30 weapon kills
- Achieve 15 weak point kills

The elite opponents can be recognized easily by their name "(elite)" in their name. They are mainly found on missions and strongholds but also in world events in freeplay.

Cariff Tomb

You’ll find Cariff's Tomb in the Emerald Abyss area, just to the northeast of the map. To open the Cariff's Tomb you have to complete the following tasks:

- Complete 3 killing series
- Do 3 missions
- Get 30 gear kills
- Trigger 15 combos

How To Get Your Kill Series: A killing series counts when you kill 8 enemies within 10 seconds. So you have to do it 3 times.

You need to keep in mind that you are really making the final punch and your opponent will not be knocked out by an effect or team member.

Explosive skills are therefore particularly well suited. Examples of skills that can easily kill multiple enemies at once include the venom bomb of the Interceptor and the grenade launchers of the Colossus.

The ultimate of the rank is probably the best way to kill many opponents at once. The same applies to the Storm’s Ultimate, which lets raining elemental storms.

How To Get Gear Defeats: Gear defeats are kills made with one of your skills. The Colossus is particularly well suited with his flamethrower to achieve gear kills. But in principle, this can be done well with any Javelin.

Gawnes Tomb

The Gawnes tomb is located in the northwest of the map. You have to complete the following tasks to open the Gawnes Tomb:

Get 50 melee kills
Do 50 Ultimate kills
Create 3 legendary kills

Where can I find legendary opponents? Legendary opponents can be recognized by their name "(Legendary) in the name. Like elite opponents, you will find the legendary enemies on missions and strongholds as well as world events.

This is how you can easily achieve melee defeats: The Interceptor is very well suited to achieving the required melee kills.

Use the world events: world events are a great way to accomplish many of these tasks at once, as they consist of multiple waves of enemies and you also face legendary and elite opponents in the way.