AI Fighter Settings for AFK Farm: Mortal Kombat 11 MK11

In Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11), you can use AI fighters to farm Koins, Soul Fragments, Hearts and Time Crystals easily. You can send your fighters with certain AI settings into battle. Here, we’ll give you the best AI settings for this.

How AFK Farm Works?

The AI fights are the best way in MK11 to farm many in-game currencies easily. Here you use the AI option in the Towers of Time or the Classic Towers.

AI Settings Guide:

- In the main menu go to Customize - Characters.
- Select a strong character and set the AI behavior accordingly (see list below). Then leave the character menu to save the changes.
- Now switch to "Classic Towers" or "Towers of Time" mode.
- The rewards are better in the towers of time, but you can get more AFK farms in the Classic Towers, especially if you select the Endless Tower.
- If you have decided on a tower, select the adjusted character in the selection screen and press the X / square button to activate the AI fighter option.

Now you can leave the work to your AI fighters and go AFK. However, after each clash, you have to confirm any rewards after stepping up or continuing with the X / A button to start the next fight.

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The best characters for AI fights

In order to win every battle in AI mode, you should pick a strong character who has already unlocked any equipment slots for reinforcements. Even more important, however, are the corresponding settings for AI behavior. Here are 60 points for the various controls available, you can freely distribute.

We especially recommend the following characters and AI settings:

Baraka - 20 Rushdowns, 25 Combos, 15 Reversals
Noob Saibot - 30 Combos, 30 Reversals
Shao Kahn - 20 Rushdowns, 25 Combos, 15 Reversals
Sonya Blade - 30 Combos, 30 Reversals