Catch Many Pokemon Quickly in Pokemon Go: Android Trick

Many Pokémon Go players are having issues with their waiting time due to long animations like throwing your Poké Balls and for the evolutions of your Pokémon. However, players have discovered a method that could change this.

Please note that the trick that we give here can only be performed on Android devices.

The method is quite easy to carryout and will allow you to skip the animation of capturing the wild Pokémon quickly, it is not required to make a strange combination of buttons as it did with other tricks we have seen earlier.

Follow these steps to perform the trick in Android:

- Start an encounter with a Pokémon.
- Throw the Poké Ball.
- As soon as it hits the Pokémon, press the back button.
- If you have done well, you’ll return to the map and the Pokémon should already be in your collection, if you have managed to catch it.

You can use this method to capture large number of Pokémon quickly.

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