Change Seasons in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons (AC NH), you have the option to progress fast. Whether to find a new building under construction, meet new people or change the season and have new fish and bugs. Here, we’ll show you how to change the season.

The first thing to know when playing AC NH is that the timing of the game is linked to the date of the console so each day lasts 24 hours and it can take a very long time to wait until the next day.

Indeed, some buildings are available the day after its announcement, so it may be constraining to have to wait the next day to access them. To avoid this, a trick has existed since the first installments: advance the date on your console to change the day! It can also allow you to change seasons, going directly from March to September for example. However, beware of the weeds that will cover your island with such a big step back in time.

Change the date of the Switch

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To change the date of your Switch and advance faster in the game, follow the steps below:

Go to your console settings;
"Console" tab;
"Date and time" tab;
Choose “No” to “Get date and time via the internet”;
"Current date and time" tab;
Change the date and confirm