Valorant - Fix Connecting to Server Error Code 59

In this Valorant troubleshooting tutorial, we’ll show you step-by-step guide to fix the server connectivity issue (error code 59).

The error code is in most cases related to scheduled maintenance or server sided issues. You can find all scheduled maintenance on the game service status website.

You can also find recently closed maintenance and server issues. In case this does not apply to your time-zone, region or platform then I suggest you to do the following:

First, open up your task manager. Here, make sure to end all of the Games processes still running in the background. When this is done, make sure that you're using a reliable network connection sing an Ethernet cable but in any case improve your connection and reduce the amount of devices connect to the same network.

Valorant, Fix Connecting Issues, Server Problem, Error Code 59

Next, go to the resource monitor. The network tab opens the processes with network activity and after a few seconds you’ll see every process using your network connection. I suggest you to only add the processes which you know boots break your operating system. Below, you can also see your network utilization in percent.

Restart your game now and make sure that there is no maintenance break or server problem. The game should open and run just fine.