Fix Hyperscape Stuck, Stutter and Won’t Run Smoothly On PC

In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix high CPU usage while playing Hyperscape, which often leads to stuck, stutter or crashing issues.

This problem can be fixed using really cool software. To fix this problem you have to download Process Lasso. You can download it from

Once you have downloaded and installed it you have to run the Hyperscape. And once your game is running in the background you can see it is loading. So just minimize your game by pressing the windows + d key on your keyboard. And again go to Process Lasso and look for your game HyperScape.BE.exe [32]. So just right click on it, and now we'll be making some changes here.

The first thing that we'll be changing is priority class and we have to apply it to both HyperScape.exe and HyperScape.BE.exe [32] files. So just right click on them and select priority classes. It is more like a hidden trial method. What you have to do is you have to select always each and every priority one by one. So for example, if we select normal first and after it try running your game, so if your game works normal and your CPU usage is also normal after selecting normal then keep playing on normal.

But if you're still having that issue then just minimize it and this time select above average or any other priority Class. For example, let's take high priority and then again try running your game. And if you're still having this issue then change your priority class and there will be one priority class that will suit best for your PC and keep playing on that priority. But after applying all the priorities and if you're still facing this problem then there's one more thing that you can do that you can change the affinity.

Fix Hyperscape Stuck, Stutter, Won’t Run Smoothly, PC

So what you have to do is just right click on your Hyperscape.exe file and click on change affinity and here click on always and then disable CPU zero. So you have to do the same with HyperScape.BE.exe [32] and once you have done it I'm sure that your CPU usage will have been reduced.

But if you're using a PC, which doesn't meet the system requirements in that case, we cannot do anything. But if you perform this step it will surely help you in fixing high CPU usage problem for the game HyperScape.