Total War Saga Troy: Fix Low FPS, TWST Lags and Stuttering

 In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix frame rate drops or low fps, Lags and Stuttering issues in Total War Saga Troy (TWST) .


You can run this game easily on mid-range and even entry-level PC. So first of all, let's start with the game mode. Write game mode in your search bar.


Make sure that your game mode is turned off. It's causing like stuttering and using a bit of FPS with this mode. Make sure that your Xbox game bar is not off and also all those discord overlay, Nvidia overlay and all the overlay are turned off, if you have like issue with stuttering it's probably because of that.


Also background recording and recorded audio are turned off. If you did the latest update of Windows write GPU in your search bar. Make sure that you activate the hardware accelerated GPU scheduling. Then you need to reset your computer. One last thing make sure that you update your Nvidia driver, AMD or even Intel if you have like an integrated GPU. They always release a special driver for big games like that.


Normally, you can increase six to eight percent in your FPS when you have the latest drivers.


One more thing - go where you installed the game. For me it's in the F. You need to find the execute file – troy. Right click on its properties. Go to compatibility make sure that you disable full screen optimization and in change DPI setting make sure that you say override. DPI scaling press Ok, and press Ok. Normally I always do that for directx 11 games and Directx 9 games. You don't need to do that when it's a directx 12.


So now let's go inside of the game. First thing if you have a low end CPU, like a 2-core CPU then start with audio and the audio quality. It's a bit weird to say, but it changed a lot of like it's a big difference for fps. I did a test on my laptop. I was gaining like 10 in my FPS. So it's pretty huge. So go with low if you have like a very old computer.


So let's move to the graphic. First of all, make sure that you have resolution that matches your monitor. Normally if you play 1080p you should see 1080p.


After that click advance, so this is pretty much where you will see all the geographic settings. So first of all, Anti-aliasing, this is a bit important because it's like three percent for each bracket, but the thing is the game looks like shit if you set it off so go with FXAA, if you have like an old computer, entry-level laptop or something like that. If you have a normal mid-range PC go with 2x or 4x. The difference depending on your objective, if you want like a 144 FPS because you have a high refresh monitor or if you just want your 60 normally with a mid range computer and you just need 60 FPS, then you should be fine with 4x.

Texture filtering: This is like if you have like three years old, two years old or a brand new one from RTX go with 8x or 16x. If you have something like a GTX 600 series you can go with 4x or 2x and trilinear. It's more like you have an integrated video card like very old stuff. So this is pretty much how you can do it texture quality. This one is depending on your VRAM depending on your card. That's pretty cool because you will see your VRAM over there. So if you have more than 4GB go with ultra, 3GB, 2GB medium and less than 2GB go with low shadow detail. This one is huge extreme versus off. You can gain like 20 in your FPS.


The Shadow detail takes a lot of resources in this game. So without it I'm getting a lot of FPS so really important over there.


Water detail also will help you a lot. It's like 4% for each bracket. So leave it at medium.


Go with low for Fog quality, SSAO - off, Screen space reflection - off. Then give you a nice boost like shadow. It's like two percent for each bracket.


So another huge thing God rays: removed that it's causing a lot of stuttering and it's taking a lot of resources. So set it off.


Depth of field: you don't want to use it because it's not giving you more FPS, honestly it's more like you don't have some blurry stuff when you want to focus on something. So that's why I'm using off this one.


Put all Terrain, Building, Unit and Tree details at medium. Here, you’ll get like 2% for each bracket.


Grass detail off 2% for this one. So again, you can gain a nice chunk of FPS with the grass detail.


VFX detail I'm putting medium 1% for each bracket. It's more like when you're fighting sometimes I feel like if you're getting some drop on PC. So I put this one at medium and it helps a lot.


Interactive water - off


Porthole quality: I'm just keeping it at 3D.


Unit size: it's a huge thing for your FPS, honestly like extreme you will see a lot of unique moving and stuff for sure. If you have like a low end computer it will take a lot of resources and you will be lagging. So if you have like a laptop an old CPU and stuff like that go with smaller medium mid-range you can try large and if you have like a brand new computer go with Ultra or Extreme.


Hide dead bodies: If you want to save resources then put 1 second over there. So after a person dies. His body will disappear from the map.  It will help you a lot with your fps also so put one second over there and make sure that you uncheck all the options over there like Glow, Cloud shadows and Interactive grass. So those are stuff that you can remove.


If you're near your 60 FPS and you don't want to touch too much your stuff just go with shadow detail ambient occlusion and fog quality. Those three will give you like 20 fps

Together and you should be fine.