Useful Tips and Tricks to Start Playing Mortal Shell

 Like all good soulslike, Mortal Shell can be a bit challenging at first. For this reason, we wanted to compile a list of useful tips and tricks to start you on the right track and not have a bad time in the early stages of the game.

Mortal Shell is the new game for lovers of the Dark Souls saga and Soulsborne. The title offers a different look than what is seen in the genre, but it has aspects that will be powerfully reminiscent of FromSoftware titles.

The first thing to understand about this game is that there are no real stats beyond your stamina health and resolve. How much damage you deal is entirely based around the weapon you are using. How much it's been upgraded and if your shell provides any passive benefits to damage or not? This means the biggest choices you will make are what shell to use and what weapon to use. So if you're looking for more information about how to use each effectively, I suggest you check out those but for those who just want to learn more heroes.

The Vassal is the first shell you'll find in Mortal Shell just after the long tunnel you come out of heroes is in my opinion the best overall shell in the game and it's one that I can recommend wholeheartedly to any player whether they are new to souls-like games or die-hard veterans when combined with the hallowed sword. He has a force to be reckoned with particularly after he's gained a couple of his outstanding skills and the mechanical spike.

Solomon, the Scholar is the second shell you'll find in Mortal Shell resting behind the first Grisha you'll encounter and through the tunnel. Solomon is a very good choice for new players and veterans alike. He has high resolve allowing him to use tons of weapon abilities when they are needed most against hard to kill enemies. Which really helps out newbies and on the other hand, he is rewarded for pairing helping out veterans who enjoy this aspect of gameplay. 

Tiel, The Acolyte is likely the third shell you'll find in Mortal Shell and if you've played the beta already then you'll be somewhat familiar with the area. However, he is not located in the exact same place. Tiel is now located in the cave where you fight Ven Noctivagu, which is in Falgrim Outskirts. Tiel is an excellent shell for confident players that have a strong sense of the game's mechanics and feel like combat is too slow for them by having such a large stamina pool. These players will be able to pull off more attacks and dodges speeding up combat and allowing them to play to their aggressive nature. However, I don't recommend this shell to new players because the health pool doesn't afford many mistakes before death and you are sure to make plenty when first learning the game. 

Eredrim, the Venerable is likely the last shell you will find in mortal shell and he can be found laying outside the Eternal Narthex which is just past Fallgrim Outskirts. Eredrim is not a bad choice for new players or veterans but his damage abilities get less and less effective as you progress in the game and you upgrade your weapon more and more. For this reason I'd highly advise that you use them to learn mechanics of bosses or mini bosses that hit hard. His huge health pool will allow you to take hits and stay in the fight long enough to learn what their attacks are. Much like shells there are four weapons immortal shell to choose from their move sets are varied as is their damage and which you choose depends a bit on which shell you chose? 

Let's take a look at these weapons and discuss what they are good at and who might use them?

The Hallowed Sword is your default weapon and as it happens is arguably the best all-around weapon in Mortal Shell and not only deals decent damage for an average stamina cost per swing but it also builds resolve fairly quickly and has one of the best weapon abilities in the mechanical spike. I recommend this weapon to any player particularly those who use shells with low stamina like Solomon or Eredrim.

The Martyr's Blade can be found inside the abandoned chamber, which is the cavernous area that was in the beta. This weapon does very good damage per swing and can one shot some enemies once fully upgraded with its running attack. It requires a ton of stamina to do multiple attacks. Which thankfully are not always required but is best suited to those shells that have higher stamina like Tiel.


The Smoldering Mace can be found at the entrance of the temple grounds. It is best suited to deal with multiple enemies at a time due to its wide swings which can hit several targets at once. It requires a decent amount of stamina to use and is easier to use with Tiel and heroes. But can be used effectively by Solomon and Eredrim as well.  If you like taking on many enemies at a time then this is the weapon for you.

The Hammer and Chisel can be found at the entrance of the Eternal Narthex past where you found Eredrim. It boasts the highest attack speed of any weapon in mortal shell. It is great for those that like to put pressure on their enemies and can often keep its target chain staggered. If you have enough stamina to keep swinging this weapon is best suited for Tiel and Vassal because of their higher stamina pools. But Eredrim can also make good use of it since he can deal increased damage with every hit.

In this section I'll cover helpful tips that will also assist you in getting off to a good start in mortal shell. These will range from healing items to upgrades as well as where you should be headed if you're lost.

You'll realize immediately upon starting Mortal Shell is that there are no Estus Flasks or healing items that replenish when you die but instead you'll have to farm them. Weltcap mushrooms will respawn over time so you can keep picking them up over and over again. They are located all over the map. So you have plenty to use if you're still short on healing you can purchase Roasted Rats from Vlas for 100 Tar each. Which is not much once you gain the tarnished seal from Fallgrim, 

You can parry enemies, Pairing enemies allows you to heal if you have at least one bar of resolve which can come in handy if you're low on healing items or if you have an overabundance of resolve. Use your parry on slow swinging attacks that are easy to read for guaranteed healing when you need it. Because you can only hold so much resolve at once. 

Be sure to grab the Mechanical Spike as early as you can. This is located in a chest guarded by a Grisian not far from the door to Fallgrim. 

This can be a bit of a challenge but will allow you to use resolve to do a devastating attack with a Hallowed Sword. This is extremely useful throughout the beginning part of the game while you sort out which weapon you'd like to use and later in the game, if you decide to use the Hallowed Sword as your weapon.

Once you've figured out which weapon you like upgrade it with Quenching Acid to +5 as quickly as you can. This will ensure that you do maximum damage and can really help you overcome much of the game's difficulty. You can purchase two from Vlas. You can find another in Fallgrim just before the Burning Grisha. You can find one in the same place as the beta and the abandoned chamber. You can find one in the temple grounds inside an iron maiden and one in the monument of ash inside an iron main as well.

These are not all that you can find but this is the quickest way to get to +5. All these can be obtained before defeating a single boss. 

Once you've determined which cell you like best. It's best to unlock all the skills of that shell because once you do Sester Gnessa will become a vendor that sells powerful items.

One of these items is the Ornate Mask, which allows you to fast travel. You gain glimpses only on the shell that you are using. So save your consumable glimpses for the shell that you prefer and be sure to consume them while inside that Shell. Additionally once you've maxed out a shell consider swapping shells to use extra glimpses on their skills or save them and use them at Sester Ganesa to purchase things as these cause glimpses to acquire.

Lastly, if you're not sure where to go I recommend clearing the Fallgrim area before heading to the temple grounds. Which is the area behind the Burning Grisha and up the steps there if you've completed this area?

Then you should head to the abandoned chamber and clear the area and areas after that, you'll want to head to the Eternal Narthex, which is by far the most challenging area of the game. You can do things in a different order but this is the easiest route through the game.