Enable Nvidia Reflex Low Latency in Cod Warzone

 In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to enable the new feature from Nvidia called Reflex.


First of all, you really need the latest driver from Nvidia. Make sure that you do your driver update and also you need the 900 series or more? So if you have an older card, it will not work.


So it's pretty easy, just go in your option setting in your Warzone or even Modern Warfare - go to graphic and go to the Nvidia Low Lanterncy. Here, you have three options. Disable, enable and enable + boost. If you have a desktop computer and you don't have any problem with the heat in your PC then go with enable + boost. 

It's pretty good, they're saying the low latency mode is now enabled in optimize system latency. That's good. This is like the reflex feature but additionally GPU clock frequencies are keep eye and CPU bound case. So this can reduce latency, but will increase your GPU power draw.


Enable Nvidia, Reflex Low Latency, Cod Warzone

So for me, this is pretty much the best way to go. I was like saving 10% in my input lag. So that's pretty good. I did a test on my laptop. I have a 1060 and I recommend if you have a laptop go with enable because it creates a lot of heat in my laptop and my CPU start to throttling so if you have a laptop and have like very high degrees on your GPU or CPU go with enable and if you have like a laptop with a decent amount of cool in it and you don't have any issue with that. You can't use definitely deep boost.


On the Nvidia website they show a couple of a different scenario and it seems like some video card can have like more than 20 to 25% of increase. I'm using an RTX 2070 and I'm getting 10% less input lag. So that's pretty much it guys. So just tested it for me 10% and Warzone with their server. I don't really see the difference but anyway, you can still use it. You can also use it in I think a Valorent and Fortnite. So this is pretty cool a new option from Nvidia, and it will maybe help you with your performance.


  1. Do you need to have low latency mode on the nvidia control panel as well in order to use the nvidia reflex modes?


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