Assassin's Creed Valhalla Best Graphics Settings, Fix Low FPS

In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix low FPS or FPS drops, lags, stutter and we’ll also show you the best graphics settings to increase Assassin's Creed Valhalla performance on your PC.

So first, open the game mode settings and make sure that your game mode is at off. It's really important because it's causing stuttering and you will lose sometimes FPS randomly with this sometimes it's working well but the thing is it really depends on your computer and the type of game that you're playing. So a lot of time this is causing issue and that's why you should not use this. 

Xbox game bar: make sure that your Xbox game bar is at off really important and also the capture option over there.

Background recording: make sure it is at off.

Recorded audio: make sure this one is at off.

Also it is really important that all those overlays, discord overlay and video overlay whatever overlays that you’re currently using make sure that you disable them. It's sometimes causing stuttering and also will lose FPS with those.

Another thing that is really important is you graphic driver so make sure that you have the latest driver. They always do special driver for those big games. So normally you will get like 5 to 7% increase in your FPS.

One more thing it's the GPU Scheduling. So open the graphics setting make sure that the Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling is at on. You will need to restart your computer to make sure this is applied. If you have like an entry-level computer laptop or an old mid-range computer this can help you like 3 to 4% increase in your FPS but if you have an high end computer then you will not see the difference with this but still just use it because Microsoft said in the future they will work on it and they will improve it. So just put this at on and restart your computer.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Best Graphics Settings, Fix Low FPS

So now we will go inside of the game I will show you which parameter that you can change. Full screen optimization and stuff like that is not working with this game. It's running on Directx12. So everything is well optimized with this. 

So let's start with the parameter.

The Screen - Field of View: I'm playing at 100. If you're going higher with this you will see more in front of you but you will need more resources to render those and you will lose FPS. So me I'm just staying at 100.

FPS Limit - I'm not touching it because I always use the one from Nvidia or even MSI Afterburner and this one I think is broken because my maximum is 90 for example my screen can do 144 hertz. So I don't know why they're saying like 90 over there. So I just put FPS Limit at off. If you want to limit your FPS you can use dedicated software. Some people is asking me why should I limit my FPS but I can give you an example for example if you're playing on the laptop and your screen is 60 hertz you will just render 60 FPS. If your render like 80, 90 you will increase the usage of your CPU GPU you will create more heat and starting to get like some random stuttering or random spike that you don't understand. It's probably because your computer is overeating so make sure that you lock your FPS. 

Active Monitor - this is pretty much the monitor that you're seeing right now, like if you see your game in your second screen you have an issue.

Window mode - make sure that you're playing full screen in this game. 

Aspect Ratio 16:9 

Resolution - I'm playing my native resolution.

After my guide, if you're still struggling with your FPS you will probably need to lower your resolution.

Refresh Rate - I'm using 144 hertz. If you have a 240 hertz monitor make sure that you have 240 hertz over there, If you have a 60 hertz monitor make sure that you're seeing 60.

Vsync - I'm not currently using Vsync. Honestly, if you're getting a huge stuttering problem then you can definitely put this one up on. I don't like v-sync normally. I don't use it because I don't like input lag but you know in the solo game you don't really like go crazy with input lag it's more for FPS shooters and stuff like that but I never like I didn't see any stuttering when I was playing the game.

Resolution Scale - This one I leave at 100 you can upscale it but you will lose a crazy amount of FPS and you can lower it if you want you will gain a lot of FPS but your image quality will decrease a lot. So it's not necessarily recommended. You can go like at 95 but don't go too low because you will see that your game will become like blurry and you will have a lot of pixel and stuff like that.

So now the graphic parameter: 

Adaptive Quality - make sure this one is at off. You don't want to use that. You want to control what you're seeing with adaptive quality. Sometimes everything is like getting blurry and sometimes everything is looks fine because they want like they have an objective for your frame rate they want to keep it stable but you will see that your image quality will move and change. So I really don't like this. 

Anti-Alizing - I leave it at medium. I did a couple of tests and I'm getting 3% percent FPS high to medium and medium to low 1%. So that's why I'm using medium in this game.

World Details - I'm using medium. If I compare ultra high to low you can get 10 over there and low versus medium I saw a difference between like 1 to 2% so that's why medium seems like a nice. It's a nice compromise pretty much the same thing with clutter medium is a good compromise. If you compare high to medium it's not that bad you're still seeing like some stuff but at low you will see it's really empty so if you're really struggling with your fps go with low but honestly, go with medium.

Shadow - this is pretty much the most important graphic setting in this game. If I compare ultra high to low you can get like 15% boost in your FPS so that's a lot and for me it's not really important. So that's why I'm leaving this one at low and this one will give you a lot of FPS so honestly, if you have like you're running the game at 50, 55 FPS and you want your 60 just start with shadow and look at your FPS and after that change the other parameters if you have to.

Volumetric cloud - in any Ubisoft game you will gain a lot of FPS with this. So if I compare ultra high to medium you can get 9% to 11% depending where you are in the map. So that's pretty huge. So go with medium.

Water - here, medium high to medium you can get like a nice 3%. Medium to low it's a 1%. Honestly, it's not necessarily a FPS boost it's more like your FPS is more stable when you're like seeing water and you interact with water. So this one I'm using medium.

Screen Space Reflection - you have two options on or off. Go with off. FPS is a lot stable with screen space reflection at off.

Textures - it's really depends on your Vram, the amount of Vram on your video card. If you have 3GB and let's go with medium with both and if you have less than 2GB go with low and low with character textures.

Finally, the last option The Post Processing:

The Depth of Field - don't use that I really don't like this effect. So go with off. When you're using Depth Of Field you have some kind of like focus on what you're seeing and everything else is kind of blurry. 

Motion Blur - again I really don't like this effect also so I go with off.