Fix Apex Legends Season 7 Lags, Stutter, Low FPS or Drop

 In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix lags, stutter, low FPS or FPS drop in Apex Legends Season 7. 

So let’s start with Windows, make sure that Windows is properly optimized for video games. So the first thing that you need to do is open up your game mode. I recommend to turn off the game mode it's causing stuttering, you're losing FPS, sometimes you're gaining some but honestly it's better to disable it because your game will be a lot stable.

Next, make sure that your Xbox game bar is at off and also don't use any overlay, discord overlay, video overlay, whatever overlay that you're currently using because you’ll lose fps and also it’ll cause stuttering.

Capture: make sure that your background recording is at off.

Recorded audio is at off and also make sure that you have the latest driver updated directly from the manufacture’s website. One more thing that you can do if you have the

latest version of Windows 10. It's called hardware accelerated GPU scheduling, make sure that you put this one on and then restart your computer to make sure it's applying.

Here, if you have a low end a computer, laptop or even a mid-range computer but that it's pretty old, you will see like 3 to 4% increase in your fps. If you have like a last generation computer you will not see any difference with this.

One more thing with Apex Legends Season 7 is running on DirectX 11, you can do some optimization over there. 

Click properties on the game go to local file, browse local file, on the execute file right click on it, click properties, go to compatibility. Make sure that you disable full screen optimization is check over there. Click change IDPI setting and make sure override IDPI scanning behavior is checked press ok.

Apex Legends, Season 7, Fix Lags, Stutter, Low FPS, Drop

So now we will open the game and we'll optimize the graphic parameter inside of the game. 

So let's start with video. First of all, display mode: make sure that you're playing full screen. It is really important in this game, borderless was causing me issue I was getting like stuttering so go with fullscreen.

Aspect ratio: Depend on your preference if you want to play 4:3 or 16:9.

Resolution: Here, make sure that you're playing native. 

Sprint view shake: I'm going with minimal but it doesn't change anything with my FPS it's more a preference thing.

V-Sync: put disable you don't want any input lag. 

Anti-aliasing: In this game, you don't have a lot of options you have TSAA or NONE. It's like a difference between 3 to 4%. If you're using TSAA vs. NONE and you're struggling with your 60 probably you will need to remove this.

Texture streaming budget and texture filtering: Honestly just follow the VRAM over there. So you have 4 VRAM and more go with 8GB and 16GB. If you have 6 go with 8X,  4GB VRAM go with 4X. So you just want to know how many VRAMS you have on your video card.


Ambient occlusion quality: This one really important. If I compare i2 disable you will gain 8 to 10% in your fps.

Sun shadow coverage, sun shadow detail and spot shadow detail: low, low and disabled, you will gain another 8% in your fps. So that's huge.

Volumetric lighting: Enabled to disabled you’ll gain 3% over there.

Dynamic spot shadows: Enabled to disabled you will gain 3 to 4% so that's why everything is disabled over there. 

Model detail: High vs. medium you will gain 2% and medium to low 1%. So go with medium.

Effects detail: this one will not necessarily get more FPS. It's more like when you're fighting you see explosion and stuff like that. If you're seeing your FPS drop go a little bit lower and if you're still dropping go with low again. If you have a low end computer, laptop with integrate video card then don't start with high go with medium and after that you can drop too low.

Impact marks: Me I'm using high. I want to see when I shoot and I want to see like the effect of it and where I shoot it's going to take some resources on your CPU. So if you're struggling with your CPU go with low and if you have a really like low-end CPU you will probably need to disabled this but you really need like a low end CPU to disable this.

Finally, ragdolls go with low. This one takes up more resources than an impact mark on your CPU it's taking a lot of resources on your CPU. So go with something at low and medium.