The Best Settings to Play Warzone on PS5

In this guide, we’ll to show you the best settings to play Call of Duty: Warzone on PlayStation 5 (PS5). Currently the game is locked at 60 but for sure the developers are currently working on to increase that. They can't just let this game run at 60 FPS on the PS5 and also you can't use the 2K resolution, you can do it on the Xbox Series X. It's not possible right now on the PS5. So you have 1080p or 4K again. I'm pretty sure Sony is working on the firmware to update that. 

So first of all, open the settings and go to the Screen and Video. In the Video put 1080p if you want better performance. It's a nice resolution and also when they will unlock the FPS you will probably run the performance on the 1080p because I'm pretty sure 4k 120FPS is not really possible on Warzone on the PS5 but again we will see that. 

Make sure that your HDR is at off really important you don't want that.

Deep Color Output also off. You don't want to use those options where you're playing a competitive game.

After that just go back and open the Saved Data and Game/App Settings. Click Game Presets. This is pretty much where you will find your performance mode or the resolution mode. So by default the PS5 is at Game Default. If you're playing competitive games go with Performance Mode. You want to lock this one manually because you always want the performance mode. So for example if they do an update to Fortnite to the 120 FPS or Warzone you will have it. 

Best Settings, Warzone, PS5

Now, let's go inside of the game. I will show you a couple other like tweak that you can do to the game on the PS5.

So just click on Warzone and after that you have to press start. It is really important to mention that this game is currently the PS4 version. So that's why you see the PS4 logo when you open the game. The first thing that you need to do is the motion blur so the World Motion Blur make sure that is disabled and also the Weapon Motion Blur. You don't want to use that in any competitive game because the image is getting blurry. When you play a competitive game you want to have a very clear image. 

Film Grain: make sure that it's at zero. You don't want to use any Film Grain in this game. Again you want like no visual noise a clear image.