Fix SMT Issue on AMD CPU, Boost Performance: Cyberpunk 2077

In this guide, will show you how to fix SMT issue on AMD processor and increase performance in Cyberpunk 2077.

First make sure to close Cyberpunk 2077 and click on the first link in the description to get to the following page.

Under Assets section, make sure to download the latest file to your system. 

After the download is completed open up your steam library. You can do the same step in case you're using the Epic Games or Origin version as this will only help getting to the game files. 

Fix SMT Issues, AMD CPU, Boost Performance, Cyberpunk 2077

Right click Cyberpunk 2077 and select Properties. 

On the pop-up window - under LOCAL FILES select browse local files.

This folder contains all of your Cyberpunk 2077 game files - navigate to bin - x64 then you can drag and drop the downloaded zip file into this folder and then you'll have to unzip the content of the download into this folder. You should see the Cyberpunk 2077.exe and version.dll files in this directory.

Fix SMT Issue, AMD CPU, Boost Performance, Cyberpunk 2077

The second link in the description will help you with troubleshooting steps, in case you made a mistake with the installation.

In case you wish to remove the mod then make sure to verify the integrity of your game files in your steam library.

Navigate back to your Cyberpunk properties and there in the LOCAL FILES tab select VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES…

This will take a minute to re-download and replace any missing or corrupted game files.