Immortals Fenyx Rising Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks

Here, we’ll show you some cool items and upgrades in Immortals Fenyx Rising that you can already get early in the game if you know where to look. So in this guide, we’ll share the locations including for your birds who is really powerful and an epic mount with three stamina bars that you can already get very early on.


So let's start with the first helmet that you can find in the game. The Mane Of Pride that deals plus 150 % damage against unharmed enemies and 150% stun against unharmed enemies with full health and there's no real stealth in immortals. But you can get a head start by sneaking up to unaware enemies and doing the stealth attack which is already strong. But now with this helmet it is even better helping you instantly kill some smaller targets or you can remove a good chunk of a bigger boss before the fight has even started. But also in combat the first hit you will do is increased on full health enemies. So that's pretty nice. If you early on only focus on the main story missions and did not get the helm during A Golden Opportunity mission then you want to keep an eye on the map for the gear chest icon that you can get after doing a small puzzle. In short you have to put all the statues nearby on the different points to be able to access the chest.


Next, you can find the Helm of the New Olympian if you pay attention in the second fault that you enter for the main story after meeting the Oracle. If you miss (Adonis's Fall) secret chests during your first playthrough of default, then you can always fast travel back to default and get what you missed and during the second visit you can also scan the vault and see where the chest maybe is that you did not get the first time around. If you got everything in a fall then you will still see it on the map. But then it will just be closed and you cannot access it anymore. We now want to get it immediately, you go to the fall during The One-Eyed Giant main mission. If you missed it, you can find the vault on the map and then at one point you have to grab a block and then put it on a point so you can continue to go ahead but you actually want to go to the left instead, careful with the jumps and you get in the chest with the nice helm with extra axe damage. Having the extra axe damage is great because one of the best combos in the game is the mid air axe combo where you do three hits with the final one dealing some nice extra damage especially nice on stunned enemies. By the way that gives you like more time to build up this powerful combo. You can enhance the air axe combo even more with an early weapon called Tempest. This axe namely has a 28% chance to triple the damage of the axe air combo. So when that happens you will see some amazing damage numbers. You can easily get this axe in the Valley Of The Eternal Spring after defeating all the enemies guarding it. The chest will appear and you can open it up and get this very awesome looking axe.


In the early area like the first open world sort of region that you visit in immortals you can already get an epic mount. So one of the best mounts in the game and for this you want to go near Gaia's Soul here on the map.


Gaia's Soul Area, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Beginners Guide, Tips, Tricks

Having a very fast mount with a ton of stamina will save you a ton of time throughout the whole game. So mounts in this game have to be tamed. So you need to crouch and then slowly walk up to them which can take sometimes. So just keep trying and then at one point a prompt will appear that lets you tame the horse. So you can immediately ride them but also summon them at any point if you select them in your inventory menu.


You can also get your bird very early on in the game if you know where to look. So you get it from the Bolt From The Blue quest as a reward and this quest triggers when you climb on the high point in the early game region. This is also the first kind of sync point.


Bolt From The Blue quest, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Beginners Guide, Tips, Tricks

So climb on top of it and then also get the Ambrosia which helps you upgrade your max health and they will actually see something in the distance and then get the quest. For this first objective you need to stay in the Valley Of Eternal Spring. There will be many enemies on your path though you can take them out but then in the end you will reach the birds.


Now, you will be tested to go to a slightly more challenging area the Gates of Tartaros. The enemies here will be super powerful but you can skip them luckily and then just focus on getting the seed of that. That you're looking for, for the quest when successful immediately head back to the bird and then you will complete the quest and then you will have the bird at your side. Also as an ability which like one of the best abilities in the game hitting the enemy three times, interrupting them in the process as well plus you can upgrade the ability too. So it's really nice to have your bird already early on.


Now, let's go back to that tutorial island because there are some other gear pieces that you don't want to miss like the Valor of the Soldier Breastplate. Stamina is super important in immortals for gliding, climbing and combat. So it's really smart to focus on the falls in the game to increase your overall stamina, thanks to Zeus' Lightning that you get at the end and the Breastplate will help you with your stamina consumption as well it namely gives you one stamina chunk when equipping it and decreases stamina consumption after upgrading the chest icon at the Hall Of The Gods three times. So spending resources at the Forge of Hephaistos will then unlock the second perk for any chest that you find and what is nice that the first perk of a gear piece will also be upgraded if you spend resources at the Forge and also you get two stamina chunks instead of one. So to get this Valor of the Soldier Breastplate you want to go to the observatory in the first island like where you start the game. There will be a gear icon, just make your way to the top you’ll find a chest there with this very handy Breastplate. Stunning enemies is something you also want to focus on because it will make them unable to do anything back and gives you a nice opening for powerful attacks.


The Stoneglare Mask goes hand in hand with this mechanic it namely increases your damage by 40 for 6 seconds when stunning an enemy which is really insane and this one is also at the Observatory to the side like where Phoenix is on the map. So you want to go down actually for this one and at one point you will be like okay I will not survive this fall but there will actually be a room below this. So carefully go down and you’ll find three points, break the rock that you find on the left nearby and put two of them on the two points on both sides and then stand on the one in the middle to get to the chest with the helm and the rank four perk you can unlock for this one is insane too. You’ll refill 200 of a stamina chunk when stunning an enemy. So for this you need to upgrade the helm icon that you see at the Forge three times. By the way very early on in the game you want to make sure that you check the Heroic Tasks as well. Because that can give you some nice in-game rewards but also the live tasks that have a timer completing those will namely give you a special currency that you can give to Hermes who has a weekly selection with weapon skins and mounts that are available in the shop. So totally nice to keep an eye on the live tasks because then before you know it you can get one of those very cool items.