Best Settings to Run Outriders Smoothly on Low or High-End PC

In this guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Outriders smoothly on low-end or high-end PCs.

The Outriders running well at present on my GPU but it's taking a lot of resources, my GPU is going at 74 degree and normally the maximum of it it's 68 when I play a video game. So look at your temperature when you're gonna play this game maybe you will have some throttling. 

So let's go with though some Window settings that you really need to make sure that are properly set. 

So the first one is the Game Mode - make sure that your Game Mode is at OFF. Because it's causing a little bit of stuttering and you will lose FPS.

Next the Xbox Game Bar - I recommend to disable this. You will lose FPS and also sometimes it's causing stuttering.

Next, remove all those overly that you're currently using the one from discord AMD,  Nvidia. Make sure that you don't have any overlay when you play this game.

After that in the capture section make sure that your Background Recording is at OFF and your recorded audio is at OFF.

Another thing that I recommend that, it's very important, make sure that you update your driver directly from manufactures website. With the latest Nvidia driver normally you can get 5 to 6% boost in your FPS. 

Another thing that you can do in Windows is open your Graphics Settings and make sure that your Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is at ON. 

With these settings, the entry level and mid-range computer users can get 3% to 4% boost in your FPS. However, high-end computer users normally will not see any difference maybe a little bit less like a latency input lag but not more FPS.

Last thing if you're playing on a laptop make sure that you're using a proper energy plan. So for example go to your control panel with Nvidia go to Manage 3D Settings and make sure that your power management mode is at maximum performance.

So the energy plan make sure you you're using something like balance or high performance because sometimes for whatever reason people are playing on the laptop and when they plug in the computer stay at ECO mode. So you really need to use like a the balance mode or the high performance mode because you want like the best boost clock for your GPU and the best boost clock for your CPU.

Now, let's go inside of the game. In the game settings I will show you what to change to make sure that you have the most of the FPS and honestly, this game looks really good and when you decrease your graphic parameter it's not that bad. The game is a demo so it just released. I'm pretty sure they're gonna have like more patch to optimize the game but it's running very well.

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So first of all go to display really important to play in Fullscreen. I saw a couple of different between Window and Borderless. I was using like 2 to 3% in my FPS and also I had like a lot of stuttering.

For the Resolution make sure that you're playing native in this game.

Resolution Scaling - this one it will be like a last resort. After all the guide if you're still not yet, whatever your objective, if it's 60 or maybe 30 you can definitely lower this but this is really last resort because your image quality will decrease a lot and I don't recommend to downscale under 90. Honestly, this is pretty much a maximum that you can do.

For VSync - I'm putting this one OFF.

Enabling FPS Limit - OFF - I don't want any input lag. You can limit FPS if you want. So if you want to limit that 144 FPS because you have a 144hz you can do it.

For the Field Of View I'm playing at 90 because I always play my game at 90. 

After that Display Advanced: 


The first one that you need to look at is the Effects Quality. When you change it you will not necessarily see an increase in your FPS right away. You need like to fight to see it, like you're using your gun and stuff like that. When you're fighting I saw a 3% difference for each bracket. I'm going at Medium because between Medium and Low I saw a difference like 1.5% in my FPS. So I feel like Medium is a good spot to go.

For the Texture Quality I'm using Ultra. It's really depend on your Vram if you have like 4GB of Vram and more you can definitely go Ultra, 3GB and more go with High, 2GB  at Medium and less than 2GB go with Low.

Shadow Quality - this is pretty much the most important parameter in this game. If you want FPS, if you go Ultra to Low you can gain like 10% boost in your FPS. So just go with Low and you will have a lot of FPS.

Antialiasing - this one is a little bit tricky. I didn't see a big improvement if I compare Off to Ultra. I got like a boost of 1%. So that's weird to me. I feel like High is a good spot to go. I'm seeing almost the same boost Ultra to High than Ultra to Off and honestly the Antialiasing in this game is not that bad. The game doesn't look too blurry but if you don't like Antialiasing you can definitely remove it but right now it doesn't really impact your FPS.

Post Process Quality - this one I'm putting at Low. You don't have a lot of options. Normally, you can like change your blur and stuff like that. You have a lot of different options. I feel like they put everything in Post Process Quality. So that's why I'm putting this one at Low. I feel like my game is a lot smoother and look better and also if I compare Ultra to Low I'm getting a nice 8% boost in my FPS. So it's a pretty decent boost.

View Distance Quality - this one also will give you a lot of FPS. If I compare Ultra to Low I'm getting like a 10% boost but Low for me it's a little bit too short so that's why I'm going with Medium.  I'm getting a nice boost and I feel like I can see my enemies and stuff like that object. It's pretty good at Medium you can even go at High if you want to see a little bit further but Ultra takes a lot of resources.

The Foliage Quality - Again I feel like Medium is a good spot. If I go to Ultra to High I'm getting 3% - High to Medium another 3% - Medium to Low I'm getting 1%.  So that's why I'm going with Medium. I don't really care about the 1% boost and I still want some good image quality when I play.

So that's about it for the Graphics parameters.