How to play Destruction AllStars with your Friends

Destruction AllStars is a free title that you can download and play if you have PlayStation Plus on PS5. It is a multiplayer-focused driven title where you will face as many drivers in devilish confrontations in different arenas.

In the game, you’ll get up to 16 driving stars who will compete with each other in a multitude of game modes, both solo and multiplayer, and where you can even get out of the car on certain occasions.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to play Destruction AllStars with your friends and mute voice chat.

How to play with your friends

As long as all your friends have a PlayStation plus subscription, you can invite them. As soon as you have passed the initial tutorial you can go to the main menu, and if you press the touch panel you can create a team.

Pressing the touchpad will open a menu that allows you to invite anyone from your friends list. As soon as those who have interested can join, you can select a game mode and start playing.

Note that the only way you have to play with your friends is online since it does not have local multiplayer, and therefore there is no split screen.

How to mute voice chat in Destruction AllStars

If you have already played an online game, you will have noticed that all the voices and noises of other players emanate from the DualSense speaker, especially if you play with unfamiliar people. You may have searched for how to mute it in the game options, without success. Therefore, here we are going to tell you how to mute the voice chat in Destruction AllStars in three easy steps.

How to play, Destruction AllStars, Play with Friends, Mute Voice

- Press the Playstation button to bring up the system menu.

- Find the voice chat activity card and press the "Square" button.

With these two simple steps you can mute all the players in the session. Of course, keep in mind that Destruction AllStars uses voice chat in a very different way from other games with online functionality on PS5. The groups that the game creates are temporary, so every time you leave one group and enter another, you will have to repeat this process.

All game modes and how to take advantage of them:

Now that you know how to play with friends and how to mute voice chat, it doesn't hurt that you know the game modes that we are going to have available for you to immerse yourself in the one you consider appropriate.

- Mayhem: It is a classic elimination game that you can play alone or in teams, and where basically what we have to do is inflict damage and eliminate as many opponents as possible before time runs out. The player with the highest score will be the winner.

- Carnado: it can be played both alone and in teams and we enter the equation of risk and rewards. Basically we must win pieces by causing damage or destroying rivals, and these pieces will be stored in our vehicles. We can sacrifice our vehicles by destroying them in this mode to get points.

- Stockpile: it is the version of the classic capture and control, and you can play it as a team where each of the opponents will drop pieces when you destroy or collide them. When you are with the character on foot, you have to collect all the pieces and run until you reach one of the three benches distributed around the stage to deposit the pieces and add them to the team marker.

- Gridfall: you have to make use of the skills to avoid being eliminated in the game, while the sand is being destroyed under our wheels. So we must eliminate the rivals by pushing them into the void and at the same time seek a temporary refuge to survive.

- Training: it is basically a training area where we can complete tutorials and practice with each of the available characters.

- Genesis Challenges: they will allow us to overcome a series of challenges that will unlock exclusive cosmetics for both the characters and the vehicles.

Now you know how to play with your friends and also the game modes that you have available both in solo and multiplayer in Destruction AllStars.