How to Get Unlimited Health in Valheim

In this short guide, I will show you how to get unlimited health in Valheim.

In order to get unlimited health in Valheim, you will have to make use of console commands which are not in-game by default.


Click on the first link in the description to get to the page as shown below:

How to, Get Unlimited Health, Infinite Stamina, Valheim, SK Toolbox


SK Toolbox for Valheim is a fully client-sized utility meant for improving the gameplay experience by enabling the player to modify their character or the environment to their liking.


In order to download and install the mod, you will have to create an account with nexus mods.


When this is done navigate to files and make sure to download the first zip file. The Slow Download will start after 5 seconds and your browser might ask you if you want to keep the files, simply select KEEP.


Next, open up your Steam LIBRARY.  Then right click Valheim and select properties - in the LOCAL FILES tab select Browse and a new folder should open up containing all of your Valheim files. Lastly, make sure to open the downloaded zip file with an archiving software such as 7-zip or Winward and then drag and drop the content into your Valheim game files.


You can then simply launch Valheim. Use the f5 key to open up your console. There enter the command imacheater.


You can copy all of the commands from the description below. When using the command help you should be able to inspect all of your cheat commands.


The SK Toolbox mod page allows you to inspect all of the available commands to you. In addition, you can also type question mark 124 to see the SK Toolbox command list in-game.

How to, Get Unlimited Health, Infinite Stamina, Valheim, Cheat Command List, SK Toolbox


When you using the command /infstam, you will toggle Unlimited Health or Infinite  Stamina.