What’s New in The Ancient Gods Part 2 Doom Eternal DLC?

Doom Eternal’s final DLC Ancient Gods Part 2 will be released tomorrow. ID made the surprise announcement this morning. So what you'll get in this new DLC?


The Ancient Gods Part 2 concludes Eternal story with an Avengers and game style storyline. You'll go up against what looks like another sentinel in a Hulkbuster suit.


The DLC spans 4 levels and probably will have you taking on Satan himself if the leaked achievements and info are anything to go by.


The trailer showcases a bunch of new enemy variants but the standout edition is the new Sentinel Hammer. This is a melee weapon that stuns enemies giving you ample opportunity to deal some big damage.


What’s New, The Ancient Gods, Part 2, Doom Eternal DLC
Both of eternal's DLCs are available in the game's content pass or as stand-alone purchases. They're both playable without owning the base game too.


The latest update for Genshin Impact 1.4 update is a big one that players have been very excited about. It adds new character events, gear, quests, weapons and a whole lot more. It’s also available on all platforms so mobile PC and console.


In a nutshell the update adds new branching storylines set in the higher level areas for four characters.


It also adds a selection of social mini-games called the Win Bloom Festival that gives out rewards and exclusive items.


That's all on top of an extensive list of changes to the game's balance, bonuses and bug fixes.