Smash Bros Ultimate Update 11.0 update is now available for everyone, the pack cost you US$ 5.99. As well as the fighters you'll also get Cloud Sea of Alrest stage and 16 music tracks. If you already own the fighters past volume 2 all of this content will be free.


In this update 26 fighters have been adjusted. So let's take a look at what's changed. The following fighters have had their vulnerability when falling in place matched to other fighters: Link, Jigglypuff, Zelda, Mii Swordfighter, Gunner and Brawler, Shulk, Isabelle, Hero, Banjo & Kazooie, R.O.B, Villager, Min Min and Byleth. In particular have been changed massively in this update including Pichu, Byleth and Min Min.


So let's start with Pichu: they've decreased the amount of damage taken when using the following moves: side smash attack, forward air attack, side special forward throw and up special. They've also made the easy invincible during the neutral air attack, high damage window.


Moving on to Byleth: they've extended the launch distance of the downsmash attack, the down air attack now has extended launch distance and increased power against shields, the side special now gives an increased downtime for opponents when shielding from the tip. There's also a reduced vulnerability when using the move in the air. The up special now has extended launch distance when stepping on an opponent with high accumulated damage and increased attack speed.


Min Min side smash attack charge time has been shortened and the launch distance has been reduced for the dragon's lasers while using the dragon arm, her down smash attack now has increased attack range and her down special is now easier to hit multiple times.


 Moving on to some of the other fighters both Captain Falcon and Ganondorf have had their up special vulnerability reduced after hitting an opponent.


Zero Suit Samus' Neutral Air Attack now has an increase in vulnerability when landing after using the move and her up special has had a decrease in attack speed.


Wario's Up Tilt Attack has a decreased amount of time the hit detection lasts for, and his down special has had a decrease in attack speed for the third and max level charge.


What’s New, Smash Bros Ultimate, Update 11.0

Diddy Kong's Down Special now has an increased duration until he can throw another banana peel after throwing one.


King Dedede’s Side Special has had its vulnerability reduced. It also has an increased chance the Gordo will get stuck on a wall and an increase to the speed in which he can hit back Gordos that were reflected by an opponent.


Little Mac's Up Smash Attack now has an increased amount of time that the hit detection lasts.


The Mii Gunner's Side Smash Attack now has an increased attack range.


Palutena's Dash Attack has increased vulnerability as well as its Forward Air Attack now having an increased vulnerability when landing after using the move and her Grab Attack now has a decreased Grab Range.


Joker's Side Special now has increased vulnerability for Eiha, his down special now has an increased vulnerability when Arsene is present and a counter is not triggered.


Steve & Alex's Down Smash Attack now has an increased attack range.


Sephiroth's down special is now easier to hit multiple times.


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