New Features and Changes in PlayStation PS5 April Update

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you what features and fixes that Sony PlayStation PS5 introduced with its latest April 2021 update.


Now, the PS5 is compatible with the 120 hertz refresh rate for 1080p screen. A lot of people had issues because they want to play their PS5 on their monitor and it was 1080p but you still don't get the compatibility with the 2k resolution like the Xbox Series X. So right now it's just 1080p and the 4k but you can do the 120 hertz.


Another thing is now you have the option to put an automatic or HDR. So for example if a game is not compatible with HDR, HDR will be removed on the console. To do that you need to go to settings Screen and Video then Video Output and we will start with the 120 hertz, so the first thing is make sure that Enable 120 Hz Output is at Automatic. So now it will work on your monitor.


I heard a couple of people like some monitors are just compatible with 60 earth and 144 hertz, for example they don't have like 144, 120 like different variable refresh rate so it seems that it causes an issue with them but normally if you have like a decent monitor it's compatible with more like a lot of different refresh rate and it should work easily with your PS5.


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Another thing is the HDR before we add like the Off and the Always On. I know it was causing again issue with people who tried to play like games that were not compatible with HDR, so they had to go to the setting and put off and boot the game. Now, you have On when supported. So make sure that it is checked. So when the game will be supported for the HDR it will work and when the game does not support HDR it will be removed from the game. so it's a really good feature to have.


Another feature that they added is the external storage and now it's compatible with external storage USB. So you can install PS5 game on them but you can't play it, it's more like some kind of backup that you can do if you want to make space in your console.