Snapdragon Or Whitechapel GS101, Which is better? Pixel 6

According to, the next Google Pixel 6 will be powered by a new Google made processor called “Whitechapel” or GS101.


This is Google's first processor that is made in collaboration with Samsung. GS101 chipset uses Samsung's latest 5nm architecture and it's not Exodus 1080 as we have expected before. It's a completely new processor built in collaboration with Samsung.


9to5Google has seen a document related to Whitechapel that had many references to Samsung's Exynos chip, the codename GS101 was mentioned GS could be a reference to (G) Google (S) Samsung.


In addition to Google pixel 6, this chip will be used in the upcoming Chromebook devices, very similar to how apple utilizes their own processors in their phones and their laptops. Google is going to do the same thing and building the ecosystem in collaboration with Samsung.


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For the first time Google will not be using Qualcomm chips, just imagine the optimization Google's own processor on their own software, we could potentially see amazing software optimization especially third party apps like Instagram, Snapchat, etc..


During the end of 2020 Google CEO said that they're doing some heavy investments when it comes to hardware that comment from the CEO himself pretty much confirmed Google's plan of building their own processor now.


On top of having their own new hardware in collaboration with Samsung for their Pixel 6 it's very likely that they might have a new camera hardware as well. Again, with Samsung's help. We don't have any concrete leaks but considering the relationship between Samsung and Google, Google could actually utilize Samsung's camera hardware for their pixel 6 flagship phone. Google's camera APK software code already confirmed that pixel 6 is coming with a new front camera that has the capability to record 4k videos. For the first time the code also revealed that Pixel 6 will have a centered punch hole design similar to how Samsung devices look.


As for the release date 9to5Google reports that they will be launching this chip in 2021. Of course the Pixel 6 will be the first device getting this new chip.