AC Valhalla Wrath of the Druids: Treasure and Wealth Locations

In general, getting all the treasure hoard maps and their rewards in the Wrath of the Druids DLC for Assassin's Creed Valhalla is easier than in the main adventure, but they are usually hidden in quite inaccessible locations, so it is a good idea that you know where exactly are they.


So in this short tutorial, we’ll help you get all the treasure maps and their rewards in the game.




We have the initial clue to the southeast of the region inside a box that you find along the coast.


Once you have it, to find the treasure, you must go north of Dublin, specifically east of the Rathdown trading post. Once there, you will locate the treasure next to some stones near the sea.




West of Tara


You must go west of Tara to find the clue, placed under an enemy tent.


Once you have it, follow the tracks to the northern tip of the Meath region, just above Kells Abbey. When you arrive, follow the pattern of the clue to collect the treasure.


West of Meath


You must go exactly to the small island that lies west of Meath. You will find the clue on the table of one of the houses. As soon as you have it, you must go to the north of this island to find the loot at the foot of a huge stone.


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Connacht in the DownPatrick zone


Go to the Downpatrick Head, west of Connacht. Find the clue hidden under a pile of stones that you must destroy using dynamite. As soon as you have the map, you must go to an island in the center of the Connacht region located along Ballysadre.


To find the loot, you must enter the well by breaking its boards.


Lough Rea Lake


You must go north of this lake, near an area with several fallen enemies. As soon as you collect the track, you must go east to Kiltober where you will have to defeat the enemies. As soon as you're done, head down the stairs to the crypt to find the loot.

Between Lough Tuam and Rea Lakes


You will find a small altar with the track, from there you will have to go to the Lough Gara lake that is further north. As soon as you arrive you must look in the water to find the chest with the treasure.




South of Armagh


South of that area, you will find the treasure map next to a box on the battlefield. As soon as you have it, you should go to the Meath area, but go a little further south from there, specifically near the Boyne tombs.


What you have to do is examine one of the tombs, specifically the one to the north, to get the reward.




You must go along the southern border of Ulter, along Erne. Enter one of the houses to get the map. From there you must travel north to Lough Eske Lake to find the fisherman's house that houses the reward.


West Donegal


You have the clue in a house west of Donegal in the attic, on a table. Then to go to the loot you must go west of the region, in a hidden cave under the cliff.

So with this you know where to find all the treasures of the Wrath of the Druids expansion for Assassin's Creed Valhalla.