Samsung and AMD Working on New Gaming Smartphone

If there's one thing that Samsung has yet to tap in, it's in the gaming smartphone market. There has never been a better time in history for a Samsung branded gaming smartphone than now because of AMD they can seriously make an insane gaming smartphone.

So this news is because of the recent trademark that Samsung filed that shows that they are probably working on a gaming smartphone. Courtesy of letsgodigital we've got two brand new trademarks. One says activate fan mode and then there's a new one that was filed just a few days ago which says unleash your fan power judging from the trademarks.


It seems like Samsung could indeed bring a gaming smartphone with a big fan and enhance cooling system in the future. Samsung flagship smartphones have great hardware but it's definitely not going to beat a full-fledged gaming phone with a huge fan and cooling system when it comes to long-term gaming.

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It doesn't matter what variant of Galaxy S21 Ultra you have, long hours of gaming sessions especially in this summer heat these phones will get hot and their ability to not throttle is definitely going to be affected compared to a traditional gaming smartphone with a full-fledged cooling fan system.

So like I said there's never been a better time Samsung and AMD, they're cooking something big. We've heard that there could be more than one Exynos processors with AMD graphics.