Sharp Aquos R6 or Galaxy S22: which one should you buy?

The world's most extreme smartphone is here.  Sharp Aquos R6 will make you forget other top smartphone brands in the market.


Aquos R6 is the world's first smartphone to have a one inch camera sensor beating out Samsung's ISOCELL GN2 that we saw on the Xiaomi MI11 Ultra.


This biggest camera sensor in a mobile phone ever was made in collaboration with Leica. According to sharp this phone can smoke pretty much any smartphone out there when it comes to the low light image quality. Now, it's a big 20MP lens, so it doesn't have crazy megapixels like other brands.


They also made a custom selfie sensor in collaboration with Leica that has a F1.9 aperture with seven-element lens.


Now, apart from the camera this is the first smartphone to have a Quad HD OLED display with 240hz refresh rate, almost twice the number that we see on the S21 ultra. It is a LTPO display, so it's going to switch between all those numbers intelligently for that power saving.


As for the brightness this is the brightest display on any smartphone out there coming with 2000 nits.


Honestly, looking at these crazy specs Samsung has to do something crazy or at least match these with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung has used 120HZ refresh rate on two generations and now maybe time for that 240hz upgrade.

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Now, the crazy specs don't stop there, this is the first smartphone to have Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor scanner that registers two fingers. This technology was announced last year and for some reason Samsung did not adopt this. Not only does it register two fingers, the actual scanning area is a lot bigger than a traditional fingerprint scanner.


Power wise it's right up there with the Snapdragon 888 chip combined with 12GB of ram, lots of internal storage and it comes with a Micro SD card slot for the storage expansion.


It will go on sale exclusively in Japan in the month of June. Whether it comes to international market, we have yet to see any news on that but yeah this phone completely sets a new level when it comes to an Ultra flagship smartphone we know when it comes to specs.


Apple is not going to challenge Samsung, and it's these other brands that do crazy stuff that pushes Samsung to the next level. Based on the current news Samsung is planning something big for the S22 ultra by collaborating with an actual camera brand Olympus.


Samsung as we know they make their own camera sensors. So we probably will see a one inch sensor from Samsung.