New Bugs after Warzone Season 4 Update

There’s a ton of hype around Warzone Season 4 Update. The new update has brought several additions and changes, including new weapons like the MG 82, C58, Nail Gun, OTs 9 and Mace. However, it’s also brought some issues.


Now, some of you might remember back to the Season 2 update in Warzone they ended up breaking a bunch of things many of the Modern Warfare weapon perks just stopped working like sleight of hand for instance as well as a bunch of others. They just no longer worked after that update and then at that same time the FiNN LMG, the adverse barrels weren't working so you wouldn't get a boosted fire rate at all. Which is basically necessary to make the FiNN LMG even viable in warzone and the Chainsaw attachment was also completely misaligned and it was unusable after that update. Now, when that initially happened they managed to get that fixed within a couple weeks. However, it looks like some of those issues have returned with the Season 4 update.


The primary issue I found in the Warzone Season 4 Update is just with the FiNN LMG, this broke again. The adverse barrels are currently not boosting the fire rate like they're supposed to.


Also we have that exact same issue, where if you use the ChainSAW stock the camera position is just completely misaligned and your hand is covering up the center of the screen, which makes it essentially unusable. Since this happened, I did also want to test the other things that broke with the season 2 update to see if they're all linked but it does turn out the Modern Warfare weapon perks do appear to be working properly at least the ones I tested so far. So those aren't broken as far as I can tell. Also the Scope Glint does appear to be working for variable zoom optics.


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So as far as I can tell right now at least it's just the FiNN LMG with the adverse barrels as well as that stock attachment. They're currently not working. So if you are planning on using those I would just say stay away from them until they get fixed.

Also just wanted to mention with this update they tried to bring another vehicle with a turret back into the game again. This time it was the cargo truck with the gun mounted on it and every time they add a vehicle with a turret it seems like an invisibility glitch pops up. They have now removed that cargo truck at least temporarily in order to avoid that invisibility glitch.


Personally, I'm really confused as to how that issue can keep popping up over and over again. It really seems like every single time they add a vehicle with a turret in it whether that be that helicopter that has a mounted mini gun or the cargo truck, it seems like they're just unable to get on top of whatever is causing this invisibility glitch which is unfortunate because it's completely game breaking and therefore they have to take that vehicle at a rotation but it would be nice to actually play with these items that they want to be in the game and I really hope they manage to figure out why this is happening and how to counteract this. So that we can have vehicles with turrets without having an invisibility glitch.